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Japanese Plastic Propagation Tray Canada

Aloe vera soil should be kept moist(21 cell trays bulk). Too much water is not good for the root of aloe vera. Because aloe vera has the characteristics of drought tolerance and astringency, when watering is needed, gently pour it along the edge of the basin, but do not force it hard, so that the soil is easy to be knotted and affected. The permeability of the potting soil, when the potting soil appears to be knotted, it should be loosened at a suitable depth of about 1.5 cm(propagation tray). In addition to adequate watering in the summer and frequent water spray on the foliage, watering should be controlled in other seasons, otherwise the water in the basin may cause the stems and leaves to rot.

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(japanese plastic propagation tray canada)Because its fleshy leaves can store a lot of water, aloe vera is very drought-tolerant(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). When the surface of the soil in the pot is dry, it can be watered. If there is too much water or water in the pot, it will cause rotten roots. April-June and August-September are the best growing periods for aloe vera. If the soil is too dry, its growth and development will be affected. Therefore, it should be fully watered during this period(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Generally, it is poured after being fully dried, and poured and poured.

Watering in the winter is preferably done once in 10-15 days(15 cell trays bulk). Choose to pour at a higher temperature at noon. For example, if you don't put aloe into a greenhouse in the cold winter, some people advocate that you don't water for a winter, and you are afraid that the water will freeze and damage the aloe. Avoid watering at noon. Watering should be appropriate, such as wet soil 2 cm below the topsoil, you can not water. When planting, the soil should be slightly dry, do not water, and water again after half a month(gallon nursery pots). After the slow seedling period, water is poured once every 2-3 days in summer, once every 6-7 days in spring and autumn, and not watered in winter.

(japanese plastic propagation tray canada)Aloe leaves are fleshy with a moisture content of 98.5% and are surprisingly resistant to drought(bulk 2 gallon containers). If the aloe vera is uprooted and dried in a ventilated place, even if the water is not supplied, the aloe vera can still use the water in the body to carry out weak life activities, and can be maintained for more than half a year, and if it is replanted in the ground, the water supply is restored. The plants can grow again(seed starting trays). Other considerations: Aloe vera has different requirements for moisture during different developmental stages.

In the seedling stage(2 gallon plant pots distributor), the transpiration leaf area is small, and the demand for water is also small, but its root system is weak and distributed in the soil, so it is very sensitive to water changes. Therefore, keeping the soil moist is very beneficial to seedling growth. In the adult stage, the requirement for water content of aloe vera is relatively increased, and the drought tolerance is also significantly enhanced. Aloe vera avoids the accumulation of water in the soil(gallon plant pot). If the water accumulates for more than 10 hours, it will lead to rotten roots and rotten leaves, and the whole aloe will die.

(japanese plastic propagation tray canada)The soil water holding capacity is preferably 50%-60%(bulk 1.5 gallon pots) . Aloe vera watering should be timely and appropriate. After this period of time, it is necessary to properly control the watering so that the soil is not too wet, so do not dry or pour, and cast less to avoid rotting roots. In summer, the temperature is high and the evaporation is large. Generally, it is watered once every 2-3 days(black plastic plant pots). In addition, it can be sprayed to the leaves every morning and evening to avoid the summer sun. Plum blossoms usually end in the spring flowering season, which is just right for changing pots.

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