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Although jujube belongs to tropical fruits(large plastic terracotta pots), its requirements for temperature are not as strict as those for other tropical fruits, and the time for planting is not very strict, so it can be planted anytime, anywhere, but it is a crop that has a time suitable for its own planting. The most suitable time for planting jujube is from March to April every year(105 cell seed starter trays), which is a relatively high probability of survival. So let's see what we need to pay attention to.

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As far as the current planting market of jujube is concerned, we should try our best to choose a good variety with large fruit(128 cell propagation trays), high fruit bearing rate, thin pulp, small core, heavy sweetness, thin peel and strong resistance, so that the output of jujube will be good, and selection is the most basic step for planting crops(200 cell seed starter trays). Only by selecting the right variety can we produce high-quality and high-yield fruit, so that Your product has a place in the market.

(plastic 10x20 growing trays wholesale supplier)When digging the planting hole, we should dig it to the appropriate size(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), at least guarantee that the jujube tree can extend naturally, and at the time of filling, we should choose to fill the main root with fine soil, and then cooperate with the rest of the soil to fill the cave, so as to ensure that the jujube tree can go wrong(1020 seed starting trays). Generally, according to the distance of each row is eight meters, and the distance of each tree is five meters. 

The survival rate will naturally increase(square plastic plant pots). In addition, the planting of jujube should be more careful, so at the time of planting, we should pay attention to the root of jujube tree with the base soil and stop transplanting. Nitrogen fertilizer is the main form of seedling trees, while potassium fertilizer and phosphorus fertilizer should be the main form in the bearing period of jujube trees(105 cell propagation trays), combined with nitrogen fertilizer and boron fertilizer. 

The growth rate of jujube trees is relatively fast(plastic plant trays wholesale), the growth of jujube trees is relatively good, and the development age is relatively constant, so at the beginning of planting, it is necessary to control the planting density and ensure the permeability of the orchard. Planting density is too big to waste cost, too small density will affect the permeability, and it is very troublesome to manage things later(seedling trays wholesale). Things can guarantee the high yield of jujube trees.(plastic 10x20 growing trays wholesale supplier)

According to different stages of jujube trees, proper fertilization should be stopped(gallon pot). At the same time, water management should also pay attention to that a lot of water will be necessary during the development of branches and leaves, but it is necessary to stick to the dryness of orchard soil during the fast spending or fruit setting period, and start watering when the fruit grows to the thumb size(50 cell plug flats). Only these can be done well.

(plastic 10x20 growing trays wholesale supplier)This also means that a lot of nutrients will be necessary(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), so we need to adopt the method of applying fertilizer by stages at the time of fertilization. As mentioned above, the development rate of jujube trees is very fast, so we need to stop pruning and cutting leaves for jujube trees from time to time, and stick to a good tree shape for jujube trees(104 cell seed starting trays), which not only facilitates the field management, but also increases the permeability of the orchard.

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