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Plastic 7 Gallon Plant Pot Wholesale Price Mexico

The optimum temperature for seedling growth is 12-16 ℃, and the optimum temperature for garlic formation is 15-20 ℃(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). At the beginning of the disease spot, the small white dots of the flowers appear. After the expansion, it is irregular shaped or oval, gray white or gray brown(2 gallon plant pots). Reasonable fertilization and close planting and spraying 1:2:200 times Bordeaux liquor or 65% zineb 500 times liquor in the early stage of development.

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In the following year, the cover was removed twice before and after the Qingming Festival(plastic plant trays wholesale). When the seedling is 6 cm long, shovel it to keep the sound and increase the temperature. Three shovels in total. When the soil is dry, it should be irrigated in time, combined with topdressing, and sprayed with 800-1000 times of trichlorfon or dichlorvos solution once in the first and middle of the next May to prevent the soil group(1.5 gallon pots). The yield is 3-4 times higher than that of the sparse planting.

(plastic 7 gallon plant pot wholesale price mexico)The reason why garlic can't be planted "Nine" is that garlic belongs to cold resistant vegetable(5 gallon pot). Garlic likes to be cool, resistant to low temperature, afraid of heat, easy to take out moss, long petals, so it should be planted early. Early planting not only grows well, but also helps to expand and divide garlic petals after low temperature(15 gallon plant pot). Be careful not to over water. It has been proved by practice that the yield per mu can reach 3-4 kilo Jin, and the higher is close to 5 kilo Jin.

The gray spot of Purple Garlic is mainly harmful to leaves. In the past, the traditional method of garlic planting was "three garlic in one step, 20000 garlic per mu"(seed starting trays). According to the measurement, even in the peak period of garlic growth, the leaf area is far from being sealed. Garlic leaves are narrow and less developed, and the upper leaves have little effect on the lower leaves(1 gallon plant pots). The pedicel is easy to break, and at last the diseased part sends out many small black grains.

Another is sowing too late, easy to grow into a single garlic(square plastic pots). The lesions on the leaves are long oval, 3-7 mm long and 1-4 mm wide. They are light brown at the initial stage and gray white later. Both sides of the lesions are covered with black mold. The leaf blight of Amaryllis sativus occurs on the leaves and pedicels(10 gallon garden pots). The leaf disease begins to spread gradually from the middle of the leaves. The diseased part produces black mold, and the diseased leaves die when it is serious.(plastic 7 gallon plant pot wholesale price mexico)

Sowing late, can not meet the requirements of garlic on low temperature, can not extract moss(greenhouse pots). Yangwei is composed of wind barrier, wabang and covering. Wind barrier can weaken wind speed and stabilize air flow. Too long or too short is not good for overwintering. The width of grass bitterness is wider than that of plastic film, so as to keep warm when covering(4 gallon pots). Yang lashes should be done well before the soil is frozen after autumn, causing serious light leakage.

(plastic 7 gallon plant pot wholesale price mexico)The control methods of cercosporin gray spot and leaf blight are to select resistant varieties and remove the damaged leaves, pedicels and other pathogens to prevent the spread(plastic plant pots). Yangwa's selection and production: choose the land that has not been planted with eggplant and fruit crops for more than 3 years, with convenient water conservancy conditions and no big trees or tall buildings to shade(3 gallon pots). Garlic moss can reach more than one kilogram.

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