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Polypropylene Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers Colombia

Honeysuckle can be used as a three-dimensional greening of Park hedges, fences, balconies, flower galleries, flower racks, etc.(plastic nursery pots), and also as a ground cover material for water and soil conservation, wind and sand fixation. In addition to planting in the ground, it can also be used as a potted ornamental(20 gallon grow bags). There are three cultivation methods of honeysuckle: seed culture, strip culture and cuttage culture.

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Generally, the ripe fruits are harvested from August to October(grow bags wholesale), rinsed with clear water, and then stored in low temperature sand bags until the next spring. From the last ten days of March to the first ten days of April, the seeds shall be soaked in 25 ℃ warm water for one day before sowing, then mixed with wet sand and put into cloth bags, and then put into the room, with straw (straw, thatch, etc.) for heat preservation. 6 in the middle and late March(germination pots), the semi lignous branches of the year were cut into cuttings. 

(polypropylene plant pots wholesale suppliers colombia)Cuttage culture is widely used in production(15 gallon nursery pots). Because this method can keep the good characters of varieties and produce a large number of high quality seedlings quickly. When more than 1 / 3 of the seeds are exposed white, the seeds shall be sown in loose and fertile sandy soil with good drainage, and the seedlings can emerge about 10 days after sowing(3 gallon fabric grow bags).The next spring transplants in the nursery, sows 5 years after the basin cultivation.

Each segment was about 15 ~ 20cm, and the soil was moist by inserting the bed soil and sprayed by cuttings(1 gallon nursery pots). It could take root in about 25 days. The next spring transplanting in the nursery, 4 years after the basin cultivation. In spring and autumn, the seedlings sprouting at the root of the mother plant are dug up (separated by a sharp knife) and transplanted in the nursery with roots(5 gallon grow pot), which can be cultivated in the basin for 4 years.(polypropylene plant pots wholesale suppliers colombia)

It is about 5cm long and 2-3cm deep buried in the soil to keep the soil moist(seedling trays wholesale). It can take root in the autumn of that year. It is planted in the nursery separately from the mother plant in the spring of the next year and cultivated in the basin after 3 years. Or in Meiyu season, select vigorous and elegant branches for high-pressure, and then cut off the mother plant to cultivate directly in the pot(7 gallon fabric grow bags). This method has a faster forming time.

Gold and silver peanuts are strong and can take root when the stem touches the ground. They can be transplanted with bare roots(square nursery pots). The old piles dug are easy to grow and survive without fibrous roots. Honeysuckle is dwarfed, shaped and pruned from the upper pot, and cultivated into thick, dry and short branches(shallow plastic plant pots). In the growing period, the vigorous buds are removed, the strong branches are early picked, and the length of pruning is long and the length of pruning is short.

(polypropylene plant pots wholesale suppliers colombia)Through shaping and pruning(seed starter trays), it can promote the transformation from twining Liana to short branch and short trunk, even and dense branch, obvious layer of dwarf bush type pile landscape. In the dormancy period, the thin and weak branches and the branches that affect the posture were cut off, and the strong branches were cut short properly(7 gallon plant pots). Therefore, after pruning, the sprouting shoots are mostly flower branches, which can bloom when they are 10-20cm long.

The root system of the honeysuckle stump dug out from the mountain or garden is often very long(wholesale plant pots). When cultivating, do not rush to cut it short, but carefully observe the idea. It is used to replace the dry root with the dry root, and then prune the root properly according to the basin size and cultivation needs, and then plant in the basin(30 gallon grow bags). Do not bend the thick root with excessive force or large range to prevent it from breaking.(polypropylene plant pots wholesale suppliers colombia)

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