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Black wolfberry contains a high amount of anthocyanins, which has been highly praised by people in recent years and is expensive(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Among them, wild black wolfberry has a higher taste. Even some consumers do not understand wild black wolfberry and artificially cultivated black wolfberry. s difference. Today I will teach you a few ways to identify wild black wolfberry and artificial black wolfberry(plastic nursery containers). Artificial cultivation is also relatively small.

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Consumers are easy to be fooled. Debris such as crushed grass leaves is often attached; wild ginseng looks unremarkable(128 cell trays bulk). Black wolfberry is distributed in the arid desert areas of the five northwestern provinces, among which Xinjiang, Gansu and Inner Mongolia have even more output than Qinghai. The difference in the quality of the black wolfberry sold at a high price and the black wolfberry sold at abnormal prices is very small(buy plastic plant pots). The biggest difference between the two is profit.

(small plastic hanging baskets manufacturers uk)Many online sellers claim to sell wild black wolfberry(72 cell plug trays supplier). In fact, the conditions for the development of wild black wolfberry are extremely difficult. First of all, it is clear that the value of artificially cultivated black wolfberry and wild black wolfberry is not at the same level(cheap plastic plant pots). Just like the price of wild ganoderma and wild ginseng is hundreds of times that of artificial cultivation, the price of wild black wolfberry should also be higher than artificial cultivation.

After long-term field collection, there are fewer and fewer wild resources(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Now, a large-scale artificially cultivated black wolfberry has been developed; however, the development of black wolfberry in other provinces in northwest China is relatively late, and wild resources are relatively abundant. Advertises the big black wolfberry as "the best black wolfberry" at high prices(greenhouse trays). Some of them are artificially cultivated. Black wolfberry in other provinces is more capable of being wild. 

Qinghai was the first place to develop and utilize black wolfberry(15 gallon pot). Most of the black goji berries sold online at high prices are from merchants in the South and Qinghai, whose prices are much higher than the purchase price of the place of origin. And some merchants selling at abnormal prices often attract some "fake" and "substandard" attacks(3 gallon plastic pots). Their products are much worse than artificial cultivation, but their value is much higher than artificial cultivation.(small plastic hanging baskets manufacturers uk)

Some merchants speculate about the size of black wolfberry(72 cell seed trays wholesale). As for the white thorn fruit posing as black wolfberry, sales are now very few, because they are still very different. Nitraria is a drupe of the Tribulus family, and black wolfberry is a berry of the Solanaceae family, and their differences are as large as peaches and tomatoes(5 gallon pot). The merchants of origin have sufficient supplies and the purchase price is relatively low, so there is no need for fraud.

(small plastic hanging baskets manufacturers uk)As everyone knows, the general shape of wild ganoderma is not standardized(blow molded nursery pots). Generally, the size is relatively small, and there are indeed a small number of large fruits, but they must be carefully selected to obtain, and the number is very limited; most of the big black wolfberry are artificially cultivated, because Artificial cultivation generally uses chemical fertilizers and pesticides(one gallon pot). The black wolfberry plants grow very strong, and the fruits bear naturally larger than the wild ones.

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