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Square Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Ecuador

Many varieties of geranium carry viruses that do not show symptoms(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). At this time, the stem tip is transferred to the basic medium without growth regulators to continue the cultivation, the stem tip is continuously elongated, the leaves are expanded, and the root system is formed at the base of the stem, and finally develops into a complete plantlet(11cm plastic plant pots).

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Soak it in 0.in sodium hydroxide solution for 1 ~ 5 minutes before alcohol poisoning, then rinse it with clean water for 20 ~ 30 minutes, and then disinfect it(12 cell seed trays). Due to the requirements of ultra-low temperature preservation, such conditions as dense protoplasm, no vacuolization and thin cell wall are required, and the young embryos have these favorable conditions, so they have achieved good results(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). 

The more complex the nutrients needed for the young embryo gold, except for the General inorganic salts(128 cell seedling trays). Amino acids, vitamins and natural extracts should also be added to meet the needs of normal embryo growth, while large and nearly mature embryos can grow normally as long as inorganic salts and sucrose are added(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). After disinfection, it must be washed with sterile water for 3 ~ 4 times(40 cell seed trays).

In the past 20 years, with the rapid development of plant tissue culture technology, embryo culture has been widely used(polypropylene ground cover). Generally speaking, the specific operation methods are as follows: wash the young fruits or seeds with tap water, put them into saturated bleaching powder supernatant for disinfection for 10 ~ 30 minutes, or put them into 0.1% mercuric solution for disinfection for 10 ~ 15 minutes(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). 

Then the size of the stem center in vitro is a key factor(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). The benefits of this technology have been valued by relevant government departments and producers(105 cell propagation trays). If such embryos are taken out at an appropriate time and cultured on an artificial medium, it is possible for the immature embryos to develop and grow normally to obtain offspring of the stripe, thereby shortening the breeding cycle in production.

The plants produced by the shoot tip culture are more vigorous than the untreated plants, and the number of cuttings produced is 20% to 30%, and these cuttings are easy to root(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Using embryo culture can solve the problem of hybrid sterility in distant hybridization(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). The selection of appropriate medium is the most important condition to ensure the continuous embryonic growth and germination of embryos. 

The land is applied to the production and breeding of flowers and forests, and has great application value(72 cell tray). After pollination, the sperm and egg combine to produce a conjugator, and the conjugator undergoes multiple divisions to produce an embryo(18 cell seed trays). Some flower seeds have a long dormancy period(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). More and more countries stipulate that only virus-free plants certified by inspection can be imported. 

At present, the ultra-low temperature preservation technology of plant cells, tissues and organs has developed very fast(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). all know that the embryonic development of dicot plants generally goes through five stages: protoglobular embryo, heart-shaped embryo, torpedo-shaped embryo, cotyledon-shaped embryo and mature embryo(4 cell seed starting trays). Mature embryo has four parts: cotyledon, embryo, radicle and hypocotyl. 

For example, the dormancy period of iris seeds is as long as 2 to 3 years(40 cell plug tray). Using this technology can greatly shorten the growth cycle from seed to flowering(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). Therefore, when choosing the light source of the dissecting mirror, a blind light is better(20 cell seed trays). It is reported that a large number of sterile seedlings can be obtained through the test tube culture of embryos, providing sterile explant materials for rapid propagation.

If the embryo is taken out and placed on an artificial medium, it will be cultured within a few days(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). It can germinate and develop smoothly into seedlings with roots and leaves(16cm plastic plant pot). It is known that in distant hybridization, the embryo is often aborted due to incomplete embryo development, or the embryo cannot germinate, so that the distant hybridization between genera and species cannot be successful. 

Embryo culture can overcome seed dormancy and shorten the seedling time(6 cell seed trays). Sterile test tube plantlets formed by embryo culture such as Clivia and Orchid(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). Embryo culture is to use artificial methods to separate the embryo from the seed, place it on the culture medium for cultivation, make it develop into a complete seedling, and then transplant it into the soil to make it grow normally, bloom and bear fruit(36 cell seed trays). 

There are many nucellar embryos in citrus plants, and the viability of nucellar embryos is very strong, while the viability of hybrid embryos is low(24 cell seed trays). In this way, by introducing known viruses into virus-free plants to compare the performance of susceptible plants and virus-free plants of the same clone, it significantly shows that the virus causes a substantial decrease in the viability, quality and yield of the host plant(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). 

The culture conditions play an important role in whether embryos can grow normally in the culture medium(8 cell plug trays). The offspring of Citrus dead species with high ornamental value are obtained through embryo culture(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). Generally, if zygotic embryos are taken out and cultured on artificial culture medium at an early stage, it is possible to obtain more than varieties of offspring, so as to select excellent poor varieties(19cm plastic plant pot).

Therefore, nucellar embryos often inhibit the development of zygotic embryos and make them unable to grow normally, which brings great difficulties to citrus dead hybrid breeding(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). On the one hand, stem inactivation culture technology can increase the yield of crops, cash crops and poor plants and greatly improve their quality(20 cell plant trays); On the other hand, it can promote the import and export of living plant materials. 

Some saprophytic or parasitic plants(16.5cm plastic plant pots), such as orchids and Gastrodia elata, when the host does not exist, in order to prevent some rare and precious varieties from becoming extinct, the embryos can be isolated from their seeds and cultured on a medium supplemented with appropriate hormones and organic growth substances, so that the embryos may germinate in large numbers and continue to produce offspring(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador).

The seed coat of some flowers is hard, so it is difficult to remove the seed coat and peel off the embryo(square plastic plant pots wholesale ecuador). Or soak the seeds in hot water at 45 ~ 90 ℃ and let them cool naturally to make the seeds fully absorb water, then disinfect, peel off the seed coat and take out the embryo for use(18 cell seed starting trays). We usually use the embryo culture of seeds or fruits that takes half the time from pollination to maturity, which is easy to succeed.

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