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The theoretical basis for the removal of viruses by stem tip culture is that in plants, viruses are transmitted with the plasmodesmata of the host plant's vascular system and cells, of which the former are the main ones(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). However, the disease problem is becoming more and more serious due to the increase of the density of hosts and pathogenic vectors(v13 plastic pots).

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In the aseptic operation technology, we have described the surface disinfection of plant materials in detail(v14 plastic pots). In order to improve the multiple cropping index and land utilization rate, obtain greater economic benefits, people develop greenhouse, plastic greenhouse and other protected land facilities on a large scale, and produce flowers and vegetables every year, which enriches people's life(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). 

After being infected by the virus, the virus spreads with the vascular system of the host plant and the plasmodesmata of the cells, and is fully distributed in all organs and tissues of the plant, and can be transmitted to the next generation through reproductive vegetative organs and even seeds(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). It must rely on the host to synthesize protein(32 cell seedling tray); The nucleic acid contained enables the virus to replicate using host cells.

Once infected, the virus can increase with the number of breeding generations, which can not only continue, but also increase day by day(72 cell plug flats). As a result, the flower can degenerate and even lead to the extinction of some varieties(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). The nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) of the virus enters the host cell for replication, or binds its DNA to the DNA of the host cell chromosome, which is in a living state(10.5 cm plant pots); Extracellular phase. 

Virus has no cell structure, only protein and nucleic acid, while nucleic acid is only DNA or RNA, which has not been found so far(105 cell seed starting trays); It is strictly parasitic in living cells, can not carry out independent metabolic activities, and lacks its own ribosome(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). That is, ribonucleic acid (RNA), or deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA); A protein shell consisting of many identical protein subunits wrapped around a nucleic acid.

Here we will introduce how to use the method of shoot tip culture to remove the virus in plant tissue(50 deep cell plug trays), so as to completely restore the characteristics and characteristics of the original diseased flower abandoned plants, and restore the yield and quality to the best state when they were just bred(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). He counted that more than half of the viruses that infect horticultural crops can be inactivated by heat treatment(32 cell tray).

The virus disease is the most difficult to prevent and control(50 cell plug trays). Due to the harm of the virus, the growth and development of flowers are inhibited, or morphological distortion, shrinkage, flowers and leaves, miscellaneous spots and many other symptoms are produced, the yield is greatly reduced, and the quality (flower color, flower number, flower size and other commercial properties) is deteriorated(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). 

The symptoms of plants infected with virus diseases are(128 cell seed trays): flower leaf, yellowing or redness due to chloroplast destruction or inability to synthesize new chlorophyll; Dwarfing, clumping or deformity of plants; Other organs form symptoms such as plaque or necrosis(200 cell trays); The yield and quality of crops decreased(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). It is infective and can transfer its nucleic acid from one host cell to other host cells.

For example, put the cut stems in a heat treatment box at a temperature of 35-40°C(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). The treatment time varies with plant species and organ physiological conditions, ranging from as short as tens of minutes to as long as several months. It exists in the form of infectious virus particles, can not metabolize and reproduce, and is in an inert state(72 cell plug trays). Viruses have two basic substances: infectious nucleic acids.

Plant virus infection in nature is mainly through three ways(32 cell plug tray): mechanical damage to crops during agricultural operations; micro-injuries to crops caused by mediators (insects, waxes, nematodes, fungi, etc.); grafting between crops, and silk seeds The "bridging" spread of (parasitic plants). X-rays, ultraviolet rays, ultrashort waves, and high temperature treatments can all inactivate or inactivate viruses(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). 

At present, most people use alternating temperature treatment and auxiliary light to maintain a certain humidity(162 cell plug tray). The "life cycle" of most viruses is divided into two stages: intracellular stage(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). Therefore, the virus has a high content in older tissues with a well-developed vascular system of plants, while the content of roots is low in places where the vascular system is underdeveloped, such as root tips and shoot tips.

The heat treatment method is based on: viruses and host cells have different tolerances to high temperatures(128 cell trays). Use this difference to prove the earliest heat treatment It was British scientist Kanis (1950) who inactivated the virus(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). He discovered that the leaf-rolling virus in potato tubers disappeared after being treated at 37°C for 20 days(seedling tray 104 holes).  Hot air has a better effect on growing tissues and is more convenient for application.

For example, some people treat the stem tip of Dianthus with 3SC, and Keep the humidity at 85%~95%, after two months of heat treatment, all the viruses will be lost(200 cell plug trays). General use of pesticides or certain chemicals can prevent and control general diseases caused by plant fungi and bacteria(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). It is effective for almost all viruses, with short cycle and high efficiency, and can be combined with rapid reproduction. 

However, heat treatment is only effective for those diseases caused by isoperiplasmic viruses and mycoplasma, and it is very difficult for linear or baculoviruses(105 cell seedling trays). Among them, heat treatment is the most commonly used(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). Choosing an appropriate temperature and appropriate treatment time can inactivate the virus in the host, while the host is still alive, so that the purpose of treatment can be achieved from the face.

Stem apex meristem culture is currently the most effective treatment method(10cm plastic plant pots). Other tissue culture methods can also remove the virus, but the disadvantage is that it often leads to mutation. There are two ways of heat treatment: hot water and hot air(pp woven ground cover). Hot water treatment is more suitable for dormant tissues(cheap large plastic planters wholesale germany). This can inactivate the virus in the plant, but also ensure the survival rate of the host to a certain extent.

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