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But the parasitic of "root powder" is also divided into plants(6 inch plastic nursery pots). The state of immortality will last for a long time, and you can find out if you pay more attention to it. Drugs can only kill adults and larvae, not eggs. It only appears in the soil and adheres to the root system(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). And it will continue to grow and develop until the entire pot is full of bugs, which can describe its speed of infection.

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It burrows into the soil very rarely or when it breaks out too severely(cheap nursery pots). It is extremely difficult to be found. If there are 100 pots of succulents on the balcony, and one pot is stained with "root powder", then this hundred pots will not escape bad luck in a summer(2 gallon nursery pots supplier). Because the mouthparts of the "root powder" are thorny, they will cause many small wounds when absorbing nutrients from the roots, which is very easy to be infected and cause rot.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays manufacturers south korea)It is common in the sedum family and Apricot family, and most of them; the lily family (Yulu, Twelve Juan, etc.) is basically not seen(greenhouse pots). Even among the succulents planted in the same pot, a lot of "root powder" is found in the roots of the sedum family , But Yulu did not. If a large number is found, manual cleaning is too troublesome, and medicine is needed(3 gallon nursery pots supplier). It is generally referred to as "root powder" or "root powder agent".

Especially in summer, most of the succulents are in a dormant state at this time and do not grow by themselves(plastic plant pots canada). It is difficult to judge whether they are infected with "root powder". Many times, until the succulents die in the summer, the roots are found to be all bugs. It's too late. The best way to kill "root powder" is to use drugs(15 gallon nursery pots supplier). The growth of succulents parasitized by "root powder" will become very slow or not long.

If you feel that the soil is very good and you can’t bear to throw it away(sowing tray), you can replant dozens of pots after mixing it with new soil, and it happens that this pot of soil contains "root powder" insect eggs, then these dozens of pots of succulents will unfortunately be infected with "root powder". Powder"(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). For example, in "Qingshengjin", worms are rarely found to be parasitic. tastes like banana peel, very astringent.(thermoforming plastic seed trays manufacturers south korea)

This is a very painful history of blood and tears that I have personally experienced-because I was reluctant to discard a pot of soil containing "root powder" eggs before the trip(plant germination trays), I planted other succulents after remixing the soil, and found that the entire balcony was several hundred No basin was spared(14 gallon nursery pots supplier). When buying Succulents, you must clean up and inspect them, especially the soil brought back with the plants must be thrown away.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays manufacturers south korea)I tried it myself. Soon after applying the medicine, the eggs hatched into larvae and continued to wreak havoc(plastic flower pots manufacturers). The roots of the medicine must be used continuously to completely kill the eggs. Is it because the lily family is not tasty? But it may also be related to the sap composition of the plant(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). Some plants secrete venom and paralytic liquid to prevent such insects from eating. This kind of insect is very troublesome.

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