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Thermoforming Plastic Seed Trays Wholesale Suppliers Israel

Among them, fermented and rotten soybeans contain 6-7% ammonia, 1.3-1.7% phosphorus, and 1.4-2.1% potassium(36 cell trays bulk). Hinder hygiene. Covering the container with the cargo shell is likely to cause pests and damage the appearance, so it is not recommended. Do not use "raw fertilizer" Flowers are not suitable for indoor use. Nowadays, the fertilizer available in the flower market has gradually increased(128 cell seed starter trays). Add orange peel etc. to reduce odor.

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Especially for potted flowers, due to the lack of upper pots and limited fertility, it is difficult to often meet the nutrient requirements during the growth of the flowers(40 cell trays bulk). It is more necessary to add fertilizers in time at different growth stages of the flowers to make the flowers leafy, beautiful and fragrant, Guoshuo. Fertilizers can be roughly divided into two categories: organic fertilizers and special fertilizers(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The longer the brewing time, the weaker the odor.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers israel)The production method is as follows: the household picks leftover vegetable leaves, bean husks, melon peels, Chinese medicine residues, rice water and other wastes, and puts them in the tank or jar(40 cell tray in bulk). The above-mentioned fertilizers can be made separately or mixed(gallon pot). It can be used as top dressing and base fertilizer (the leftover milk juice, soy milk juice, egg shells are washed off with water, diluted with water, and then poured directly into the flower pot like water .

Add water to soak, seal, let it ferment and rot. After about two or three months, the fertilizer will turn black, which is the main nitrogen fertilizer(51 cell trays bulk). But it must be noted that whether it is the residual juice of milk or soy milk, it must be diluted with water and applied. Do not pour directly, otherwise the concentration will be too high(plastic plant trays wholesale). After being poured into the basin, the table will be easy to harden, and it will cause harmful insects.(thermoforming plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers israel)

If the sound you hear is "shell, shell, shell", it sounds empty, indicating that the pot soil is dry and need to be watered(104 cell trays bulk); if the sound you hear is "simple, simple, simple", it appears full, indicating that the pot soil is full If it is still relatively humid, watering is not required. Among the ten kinds, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the most important elements(large plastic terracotta pots). The functions of these three elements are different, but they are closely related.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers israel)Pay attention to the soaked and concentrated fertilizer, and it must be mixed with water after fermentation(72 cell seed starting trays). The longer the brewing time, the better. Second, pay attention to the relationship between neighbors, especially those who live in urban areas and public houses. When fertilizing, they should pay more attention to hygiene. Both flowers should be fragranced and fats should be odorless(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Potash role. Homemade organic fertilizer.

As in the production, organic dry fertilizer(128 cell seedling start trays). The so-called "organic dry fertilizer" is to grind or crush soybean cakes, peanut cakes, caiguang cakes, tea seed cakes, sesame paste with high nitrogen content, and peanuts, soybeans, sesame seeds, etc. that are not edible due to deterioration(black plastic plant pots). It is applied after crumbs or powders, etc. (Milk powder, soy powder, etc. that are degraded and cannot be eaten are also included in this range).

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