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5 Inch Plastic Nursery Pots Wholesale Price Poland

Inadequate sunshine results in poor yield and quality(2.5 inch square plastic pots). PH value of 6.0-6.6, good water retention capacity, loose and thick loam or sandy loam is suitable. Now its high-efficiency cultivation techniques are introduced as follows: melon choice is a paddy field with convenient irrigation and drainage, good ventilation around the ground(24 cell propagation trays wholesale), low groundwater level, and melons that have not been planted in recent years.

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Fertilizer and ventilation are good, the fertility is medium, and the pH is about 7.0(plastic nursery pots nz). Variety is selected for the local cultivation of excellent varieties. Melon seeds are soaked and disinfected with 70% thiophanate-methyl 500 times solution for 2-3 hours, then the sterilized seeds are washed with water, the seeds are evenly placed in a dish with wet yarn(plant start trays wholesale), and covered with a wet sand cloth Or the wet grass has low germination and the temperature is controlled at about 30 ℃.

(5 inch plastic nursery pots wholesale price poland)Before transplanting, apply high-quality pig cow manure 600kg, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer 50kg, potassium chloride 15kg, and germinate the white seeds after 1-2 days(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). In the melon field, stop two ploughs and two rakes, deep tillage fine rakes, border width 3m (with ditch), border height 0.2-0.3m, border ditch width 0.3m, the surrounding ditch should be widened and deepened by 0.5m and 0.4m respectively(4 cell propagation trays wholesale).

And first prepare the nutrient soil: 50% rotten pig manure plus 50% sandy loam without melon, plus 0.5% calcium, magnesium and phosphate fertilizer to break up and mix well(plant planters pots). Put the prepared nutritional soil into a small plastic bag of 10cm (diameter) × 10-12cm (height) to make a nutrition bag(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). After germinating, the seeds are sown in nutrition bags, one seed per bag, sowing depth is 1cm, and covered with fine sand after sowing.(5 inch plastic nursery pots wholesale price poland)

Young seedlings find that pests and diseases need real-time spraying to prevent and control(large plastic garden pots cheap). If it rains, open a semi-circular shallow ditch about 0.2m away from the melon seedlings. They like high temperatures, dry weather, and multiple days of sunshine(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). In order to avoid blooming and fruiting during the rainy season, the sowing period is scheduled in mid-June, and the fruits and vegetables will be marketed from the end of August to the beginning of September.

(5 inch plastic nursery pots wholesale price poland)The seed bed must adhere to the proper moisture, and must not be excessive(15 gallon plastic container). Stop frame cultivation, the height is 0.5-1m, the width is 2m, and the frame is covered with black shading net. Courgettes are thick-skinned melons, annual vine crops of the Cucurbitaceae family, and are native to India and Africa(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). When the true leaves can be transplanted and planted, the plastic bag should be removed, the density of the row spacing is 2m × 0.5m, and each row is planted with 2 rows.

Seedling temperature is controlled at 20-25 ℃. Or rotten cooked vegetable cake 200kg, imported compound fertilizer 50kg, after fully mixed, ditch and apply to the border 0.3-0.4m(plant propagation trays). For the first top dressing, 5-7 days after transplanting, apply 2.5 kg of urea per acre and 250-500 kg of water(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). When it grows to 50cm, apply 50kg of urea and 15kg of compound fertilizer, and apply shallow trenches 0.3m away from the plant, and restore the soil after application.

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