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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic Seedling Plug Trays Australia

Also known as the white silkworm, Scarab larvae(3 gallon nursery pots supplier); bite a variety of flower roots and flowers. It is commonly known as conifer, namely the larva of percussion insect. Eating the roots and stems of flower seedlings, the damaged parts are incomplete, causing the seedlings to die; digging tunnels on the ground, resulting in the phenomenon of lacking seedlings and cutting ridges(plant cell trays). The most serious damage is from May to June.

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The adult is 25 mm long, with exposed body, soft without shell, light yellowish brown(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price); there are two pairs of antennae on the head; the body surface often secretes a lot of mucus; the feet are smooth, under the body; the eggs are connected in a series of rosary, translucent and oval; the larva is about 2.5 mm long(6 cell plant trays). It began to move in March of the following year, became a body in April and laid eggs by mating.(bulk buy cheap plastic seedling plug trays australia)

The living environment is dark(5 gallon nursery pots supplier), in the morning light, it is hidden under the flowerpot or brick in the daytime, and it can forage and reproduce at night; it has strong hunger tolerance, and the adult can live for 1-3 years under the suitable environment; the tender buds and leaves of the injured flowers are bitten into holes, or cannot grow and bloom normally(50 cell plug trays). Habits and damage symptoms usually have two generations a year.

(bulk buy cheap plastic seedling plug trays australia)The former has a generation of 1-2 years, overwinters in adult or nymph soil, and the latter has a generation of 3 years(cheap 7 gallon plant pots); it has phototaxis and sonotaxis, and has obvious tropism to farmyard manure in immature soil; humid and humus; it is easy to cause serious damage in land with soil temperature of 16-20 ℃ and moisture content of about 25%(seed cell trays). Harm to Cyclamen, orchid, guayeju, flamingo, Begonia and other flowers.

When using pesticides, gloves, masks and goggles should be worn(7 gallon nursery pots supplier); when using highly toxic pesticides, rubber gloves and gas masks must be worn to ensure safety. After operation, the skin must be washed with soap to keep the human body clean(128 cell trays). The control methods were combined with cultivation and management of ploughed soil, catching and killing when changing flowerpots, and spraying Furadan on soil or bottom of pot.

The various elements and dosage used in the preparation of nutrient solution should be determined according to the different flower characteristics of the cultivated flowers(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). When two or more than two kinds of medicaments are to be used together, it is necessary to find out whether they can be mixed and the matters needing attention when they are used together(seedling trays). They winter in the soil near the roots as larvae and adults.(bulk buy cheap plastic seedling plug trays australia)

The concentration of the same kind of flower can be slightly different in different growth periods(15 gallon nursery pots supplier); the various pesticides used for the prevention and control of flower diseases and insect pests are mostly toxic and must be properly preserved to prevent accidents. Pesticides with similar properties should not be used continuously to prevent disease and insect resistance and reduce the control effect(v14 nursery pots). The egg stage is about 15 days.

(bulk buy cheap plastic seedling plug trays australia)For example, 1% concentration of bleaching powder can be poured on the substrate and soaked for about half an hour, and then washed with clean water to eliminate the chlorine left(2 gallon nursery pots supplier). The sterilization effect is good, and the matrix after disinfection can be reused. In soilless culture, it is necessary to prepare nutrient solution for flowers(plug plant trays). There are many kinds of nutrient solutions used at home and abroad, similar to the adult.

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