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Cheap 3.5 Inch Square Plastic Pots Wholesale

In addition, it is good for budding and growing new branches(propagation tray), but it is best to keep the plants in their preferred environment for about 1 month before pruning and apply 1-2 times of nitrogen fertilizer or nitrogen-based compound fertilizer, so that the plants are stored in the body(seed starter trays). There will be more nutrients. In the first half of May, the plants will sprout. The top of the plant of the rich tree has obvious advantages. 

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It can also be trimmed mainly to remove the long branches(plastic nursery pots wholesale). When removing the strong branches, only the base 3 to 4 buds can be left, or about 10 cm, and the other upper branches are cut. Note that all the branches on the whole plant should be trimmed(nursery plant pots). The branches that are too weak should be cut off from the base because it has weak sprouting ability and competes with other strong branches for nutrients, so it cannot be left.(cheap 3.5 inch square plastic pots wholesale)

Make the branches of the fortune tree, do not rain and spray water, prevent decay(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), put the trimmed wealth tree in a place with bright light or under the shade of the trees, and control the watering because there is no transpiration of the leaves on the whole plant. The need for water is less(greenhouse supplies pots). The compound fertilizer mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer, such as 20-10-10 compound fertilizer, can be applied 1-2 times before germination.

The wealthy tree grows seriously affecting the ornamental value(seed starting trays). At this time, when the body fluid flow is strong, the germination power is strong, and the number of new shoots germinated by the pruned plants is strong and the branches grow robustly. If too much watering will rot the roots, causing the pruning to regain failure. In fact, making money tree pruning is a very simple matter(plastic grow pots). In the autumn, the phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be applied to facilitate the wintering.

(cheap 3.5 inch square plastic pots wholesale)For example, the systemic 50% carbendazim WP 800-1000 times solution, if the branchlets grow to about 5 cm in one month(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), it may be observed in two months. If it is not trimmed at an appropriate time and height, the plant has few branches and grows up all the time, which affects the ornamental value(flat plastic tray). In general, it can be trimmed every spring, and the top of the scorpion is cut at the height of the scorpion according to personal preference.

It can promote the expansion of the branches and stem base of the plants(black plastic plant pots). When pruning, try to be as short as possible. Each branch should be short-cut, leaving only 2 to 3 buds. It can also be flexibly controlled according to the tree shape. The principle is that the tree can look good(11cm plastic grow pots). After pruning, the plants should be slightly controlled by water, and the water should be slightly wetted, but the fertilizer should be applied until the summer is hot and the fertilizer is stopped.

The reason why the flower friends are worried is that they are still not going to go(square nursery pots). The following is the illustration of the pruning method of the rich tree mentioned in the article. It is a flower friend's operation method, and the article will supplement it. Some other considerations(110mm plastic grow pots). During this period, a fungicide is poured to prevent root rot. The best pruning time for the rich tree is from early to mid May, and the temperature is very suitable for growth and development.(cheap 3.5 inch square plastic pots wholesale)

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