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Before the rose bud appears, if irrigation is carried out in the north, you can also choose strong branches when the rose leaves in autumn, cut them into small segments 20 cm long, tie them tightly with straw ropes, and lay them flat in the soil ditch dug in advance to cover the soil for winter(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). In mid-to-late April, the plastic film can be removed for routine seedbed management(commercial plant pot suppliers).

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When the temperature rises in spring, take out the cuttings for supporting and inserting(10 gallon nursery pots). For the cuttings buried in winter, the base shear has healed, and some are about to produce adventitious roots, and the survival rate is high after supporting and inserting(10 inch nursery pots). The injury degree of kazarik rose is greater, and the injury degree of Bulgarian rose and Moroccan Rose is between the two(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia).

Two points must be paid attention to in this method: first, there shall be no ponding in the soil ditch where the cuttings are buried in winter(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia); Second, the time of supporting and inserting in spring should not be too late. It has fast seedling raising speed and large reproduction coefficient(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). At this time, the rose branches become independent new seedlings. Twig support can be carried out during the rainy season.

However, in the plum rain season in summer, after the young rose shoots stop growing, select the healthy branches that are born in that year and cut them into about 10cm long, with the upper end flat and the lower end inclined(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Twig rod insertion and twig support insertion breeding is a new rose breeding technology successfully tested by Pingyin Rose Research Institute(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). Cut diagonally at the bottom(plug plant trays). 

After support(wholesale flower pot covers), it is easier to take root and has a high survival rate(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). Especially during the growth of new shoots, if the weather is cloudy or foggy, if there is more rain and snow in the cold winter in the north, the growth and development of roses is generally good in the next spring(plastic plant trays wholesale). Insert the cuttings vertically into the seedbed, with a depth of 3 ~ 4 cm, a plant spacing of 5 cm and a row spacing of 6 cm. 

Therefore, roses like light and are not resistant to shade(large plastic planters). After another 21 ~ 28 days, the callus at the base of the cuttings gradually formed, the young roots began to grow, and could absorb nutrients from the soil, the color of the branch surface turned green, and the light red buds began to sprout(flower sleeves wholesale).  After 35 to 42 days, the young roots continue to elongate and the rose cambium cells divide(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia).

Different transplanting time(plastic plant pots nz), different transplanting materials and different transplanting treatments will have different rooting effects(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). After the support of rose twigs, the nutrient source of cuttings in the first 7 days is mainly the nutrient stored in the cortex of cuttings, and the remaining two leaflets are still photosynthesis(custom plastic pots). Therefore, during this period, the branches and leaves remain fresh and vibrant. 

After an interval of 14 days, the demand for nutrients for cuttings was in short supply, the color of leaves became lighter, and the epidermis of cuttings was slightly wrinkled(1 gallon nursery pots). The branches of the current year rose have gradually become semi lignified, rich in nutrition and strong growth, so they are easy to survive(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). G-acetic acid (NAA) is slightly toxic, and too high a concentration is harmful to rose rooting(11 inch plastic plant pots). 

Twig support can be carried out from late June to September, but it is best in plum rain season or before branch growth and germination(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). Soak the rose cuttings in 100 mg / L solution for 12 ~ 24 hours, and the effect is good. There were significant differences in rooting rate and total rooting length of cuttings under different treatment factors(6 inch nursery pots). During this period of time, the temperature is appropriate. 

Comparing the shoot positions, the rooting rate of the two top shoots was higher than that of the second shoots(5 gallon nursery pots); the rooting rate of the two treatments was higher than 5 in June, and the rooting rate of the two treatments was higher than 5 in June. The red turns into tender green(7 gallon nursery pots). Li Haijun and Fang Xiuying studied the rooting of double petal Rosa roxburghii branch support under different treatments(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). 

Select the semi-mature shoots after flowering(nursery pots canada), remove the tips, take the middle and lower semi-ligninized shoots, and cut them into 15-20 cm long cuttings, each with 2~3 buds or nodes(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). Treat the cuttings with 0.05% 0.10% naphthalene acetic acid or grinyl butyric acid and other auxins, insert them obliquely into the bed soil to promote rooting, and transplant them after the roots germinate(plastic plant pots wholesale).

Fully enclosed moisturizing rod insertion method covered with plastic film selects the robust, disease-free, fully developed, and fully lignified hard branches of the year, and cut them into cuttings of 10~15 cm, each with 3~4 nodes(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Quickly dip the lower end slope with 500 mg/L Grin butyric acid or 500 mg/L Naphthaleneacetic acid solution for 5 to 10 seconds, take it out and dry it for a while, then insert it(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). 

On the well-made sandy soil inserting bed(grow bags wholesale), use a small wooden stick or bamboo chopsticks to guide the holes in the wah face according to the row spacing of 10 cm × 5 cm, and then insert the cuttings into the manholes to avoid scratching the cortex(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). You can peel the base of the branch with a grafting knife in a ring shape. 1/2~2/3 of the length of the strip, compacted after insertion, poured water through once(custom plant pot).

It takes about 1 month to take root and sprout(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The trend of rooting rate and root amount of cuttings is basically the same as that of rooting speed, indicating that these treatment factors not only affect the speed of rooting, but also the amount and rate of rooting correspondingly(plastic bonsai pots). In winter, the bracket must be covered with an arched plastic film shed(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). Some rose varieties are not easy to produce adventitious roots.

The insertion depth is the insertion depth(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia). When the area to be peeled grows into a tumor-like shape after about 1 month, the branch can be cut and inserted to make it easier to survive. How to use: Rose varieties that are easy to root, the concentration is 5-20 mg/l, and the soaking time is 20-24 hours(20 gallon nursery pots); for the roses that are difficult to root, the concentration is 100-200 mg/l, and the soaking time is 1 to 2 hours.

Every 10 days, uncover the plastic film at noon on a sunny day and water it to keep the bed soil moist(3 gallon nursery pots). The combination of different levels of factors, the best combination of planting time at the beginning of June, branch position as the top tip, and naphthalene acetic acid 0.5 mg/L as the drug treatment(seedling trays wholesale), the rooting rate can reach more than 90%, and the total length of new adventitious roots up to 61.2 cm(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers georgia).

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