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Cheap Plastic Germination Flats Wholesale Suppliers USA

In recent years, an important reform of strawberry production in China is to promote seedlings (containers) to raise seedlings(4.13inch plastic plant pots), improve seedling quality, achieve high-yield, disease-resistant, and morning market goals, thereby increasing strawberry production efficiency. They can wait for the harvest and land preparation of the previous crops(plug trays wholesale). After being placed for several weeks, they can be planted in cold storage or moved to alpine for vernalization. deal with.

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(cheap plastic germination flats wholesale suppliers usa)The loss rate of plug seedlings after transplanting is only 1%-2%(3.54inch plastic plant pots), only 1 row is planted, and the loss rate of bare root seedlings can reach 15%-20%. The bare root seedlings should be watered for several days after planting to pass the slow seedling period, and the plug seedlings only need to be irrigated once after planting(plastic nursery pots), which can reduce the humidity in the field and control the disease expansion.

Compared with the traditional bare root seedlings, the seedlings have a flexible planting date and high yield(mini plastic plant pots). Compared with the bare root seedlings, the roots of the plug seedlings do not receive losses, and are in close contact with the soil. After planting, there is no slow seedling period and they enter the growing season quickly. In the spring, special strawberry breeding pupa should be established(black plastic flower pots). When the stolons begin to grow, they form small plants at their nodes, so-called seedlings. Seedlings can be planted after planting. 

The seedlings of the plug seedlings are early, the berries enter the market early, and the quality is good(3.94inch plastic plant pots). Therefore, the economic benefits should be good. It is best to use seedlings with detoxification, high-bed, and thin Covered with black plastic film for cultivation. The plastic film can accelerate the growth of seedlings, prevent the growth of weeds, prevent the planting of soil diseases(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and prevent rooting of the stems and soils, and affect the picking of seedlings.

(cheap plastic germination flats wholesale suppliers usa)In general, the seedbed of the mother plant is 60 cm wide and the plant spacing is 30 cm(seed starting trays wholesale). The standard for seedlings suitable for planting is: with 1-2 pieces of unfolded leaves, several small roots (roots) can be seen at the base, and the length of the small roots is shorter than 1 cm. If the root length exceeds 1 cm, it is not convenient for the transplanting operation(black plastic nursery pots), and the root needs to be cut short, which requires labor and delays the occurrence of new roots.

Every 10-14 days(3.54inch plastic nursery pots), the seedlings were collected from the strawberry breeding pupa, and the seedlings on the diseaseless and strong stalks were selected. The 1-2 cm stalks were kept and cut with scissors. Even after transplanting, they could be used as soil support. If it cannot be planted in time, it needs to be stored. The method is to cut a long stalk (with several seedlings on it), put it in a plastic bag(wholesale nursery pots), store it at 0-0.5 °C temperature and 90 Under %-95% relative humidity, up to 2 months.

(cheap plastic germination flats wholesale suppliers usa)Matrix: A sterile mixed matrix such as peat soil, nutrient soil, vermiculite, perlite powder, etc(32 cell seed trays wholesale). Planting: Insert the trimmed seedlings into the matrix, not deeply buried. Watering, spraying to promote rooting: Immediately after planting, the tray is poured once for water, and then sprayed 7-12d later. It is sprayed with less rain and more sprayed on sunny days to keep the humidity above 90%(plastic nursery pots wholesale). When the tray seedlings are lifted, the group will not be scattered, and the spray can be stopped.

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