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Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Venezuela

Raising seedlings or cultivating eggplant and fruit vegetables in bed, with high ground temperature in early spring, is conducive to early maturity(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). The frame bed is generally made of angle steel. It is best to assemble it, which can be disassembled at any time, and it must have constant strength(16cm plastic plant pot). At the same time, it increases the oxidized carbon in the greenhouse.

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The edges and corners must be ground to avoid being hurt(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). After the chicken manure is dried, it is fed to pigs. In the planning and design, Wenbi and the north house should have a 1.8~2m wide corridor, and the corridor does not need a glass roof to avoid the sweltering heat of the summer. The short handle hoe is mainly used in the seedling stage and cannot be operated standing(18 cell seed trays). Handle: there are several types.

This is conducive to crop rotation, rational arrangement of labor, increased buffer capacity for vegetable price fluctuations and climate change, and reasonable layout according to the natural conditions of the land, geographical location and surrounding environment(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). It can also be used for cooking and lighting(12 cell seed trays). A 3-4-layer shelf bed can be set on the north side to plant vegetables or raise flowers. 

If the groundwater level is different or on a sloping land, the vegetable field can be divided into several districts during planning, and celery, spinach, green onion and garlic vegetables, scallion, and sloping land can be planted in the high or downhill land(200 cell seedling trays). The pig manure and toilet manure automatically flow into the tank(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). After fermentation, it produces degassing(19cm plastic plant pot). Biogas is used to heat the greenhouse. 

Simple farm tools are the main labor tools of the family garden, and some common farm tools and instruments are necessary(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). Iron loach: there are flat loach and sharp loach. It is used for ploughing, shoveling soil, cultivating, ditching, watering, drainage, shoveling dung, tender and high border, covering plastic film, etc(40 cell plug tray). It is not only the main tool for weeding and medium tillage, but also the tool for sowing.

It is used for land preparation, ridge ridging, medium tillage and soil cultivation, deep ploughing and hoeing, digging (hole), etc(36 cell seed trays). hoe: there are many models(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). Although these vegetables are planted in Ten soil plots with high water content, but open field cultivation, generally do not use or use less pesticides can get a good harvest(16.5cm plastic plant pots). Sprayers: there are many types and types, and most commonly used for backpack.

From the perspective of receiving sunlight, there is only one plane that is most suitable for crop growth, but the space of the greenhouse can be used for other purposes, such as building an underground fish pond to raise precious fish species and frogs(seedling tray 128 holes). It is mainly used for leveling silicon surface, ground, plant residues and stone tiles(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). Cylinder: there are many types and sizes. 

The long handle hoe is operated by standing people with high efficiency(72 cell tray). It is mainly used for medium tillage, loosening soil, weeding or proper soil cultivation. Quantity simplification: used to measure liquid pesticides(8 cell plug trays). You can also use a syringe to measure the medicine(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). When there is little liquid medicine in the bottle, pour the medicine into the container first, and then draw an ordinary thermometer. 

If it is higher than ot, the measured temperature shall be subtracted, and if it is lower than ot, the measured temperature shall be added(24 cell seed trays). The dilution concentration of pesticide prepared by strictly measuring the technical solution is accurate. It is mainly used for spraying various pesticides, foliar fertilization, water spraying, etc(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). in the process of use, attention should be paid to prevent nozzle blockage. 

If the temperature value is exactly 0 ℃, it indicates that it is accurate(105 cell seed trays). If it is higher or lower than ot, it indicates that there is an error in the thermometer(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). The method is to use water with less impurities, add a filter screen or filter the drug solution with a fine sand screen first, or put a sponge with a length of 3 ~ 4cm with the same diameter as the inner diameter of the casing in the spray rod casing to fully filter.

For testing temperature, it is better to use standard thermometer for verification, or C correction can be made in ice water or required water(105 cell propagation trays). Scissors; It is used for harvesting, supporting and cutting branches, plant adjustment, etc. Water tank, bucket and scoop: used for loading, transporting and scooping water(6 cell seed trays). Basket: used for vegetables(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). Some vegetables can also be packed in plastic boxes and cartons. 

The water in the water tank can be preheated(20 cell plant trays). Spray children: different sizes, mainly used for watering before sowing, watering at seedling stage, fertilizing, etc. Small scale and coarse balance: weigh vegetable products, seeds, pesticides and chemical fertilizers(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). When planning a greenhouse, it is necessary to pay attention to comprehensive utilization and try to tap the production potential of the greenhouse. 

Narrow wheelbarrow(72 cell seed trays): mainly used to transport fertilizer and soil to greenhouses, arch sheds or plots inconvenient for carriages and tractors. Track width 50-55 cm. Sickle: used for harvesting vegetable products and cutting plants. Leek sickle: mainly used for harvesting leeksv(4 cell seed starting trays). Perforator: used for plastic film cultivation(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela); Appropriate punch shall be selected according to the size of soil lump at the root of seedling.

The design of the protected area itself is detailed(128 cell seedling trays). This is not only beneficial for ventilation and light transmission, but also for the replacement of flowers in the protected and open fields. The spacing between the greenhouses is 8-10 meters, the spacing between the front and rear rows of the greenhouses should be more than 5 meters, and the left and right spacing is equal to the width of the shed(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). 

When designing underground buildings, consider proper light transmission and grow vegetables on the ground(18 cell seed starting trays). Or set up two layers of cultivation beds before and after the center pillar(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). Considering from the perspective of ten soils, greenhouses should first be built on plots with the best soil conditions to obtain maximum benefits, and plots with poor soil conditions should be arranged to plant open-field vegetables(20 cell seed trays).

Drainage must be considered when constructing greenhouses on low-injection plots(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). The water source of the greenhouse and arch shed should be considered when planning, especially in winter, except for tap water, not to divert water from a distance(11cm plastic plant pots). Build an all-underground gas control pond in the greenhouse, build a pig house on the pond to raise pigs, and hang cages in the pig house to raise chickens.

Although comprehensive utilization is more troublesome, higher benefits can be obtained on limited land(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Planting, set up a bed on the ground to grow vegetables(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). Build a semi-basement, cultivate edible fungi, breed economic animals, and even livestock and poultry. Small shovel: used for seedling raising, seedling sorting, seedling shovel and seedling planting(black plastic ground cover). Scallion insert: mainly used for planting scallions.

Vegetables and edible fungi are cultivated in the greenhouse, and the residual seedlings of the plants can be used as feed(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). When planning, the greenhouse can rely on the northern buildings or brick walls, of course, the orientation of the greenhouse must be considered(polypropylene ground cover). Similarly, a house can be built on the north side of the greenhouse as a warehouse to store production materials, and it can also be used as a studio.

The three-dimensional planting wall of the greenhouse is a matter of cultivation technology, but the three-dimensional cultivation equipment must be considered when planning and designing(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale venezuela). Severe winter production in northern cold regions-generally need to build a fire wall in the greenhouse to heat (or use it as a temporary heating), and you can set up a rack on the fire wall to produce vegetables at a fixed distance(10cm flower pot).

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