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Cheap Plastic Seed Trays Wholesale Price UK

Organic active substrate plug seedlings are popular among vegetable growers because of their simple operation(plastic nursery pots), cost-saving and strong stress resistance. Users only need to “sow seed and water” to produce ideal strong seedlings. Farmers are hailed as "fool-type technology." However, because the seedling tray seedlings are affected by the external environment, it is different from the traditional soil seedlings, especially in summer(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). The improper management often leads to the failure of seedling raising, and the following "six defenses" must be done.

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(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price uk)Summer seedlings are in the high temperature season(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Because the matrix is different from the soil, the temperature rises quickly, so it is easy to form high temperature and the seeds do not germinate. The sunshade net must be placed outside the shed, and the sunshade net should be removed sooner or later after emergence, so that the seedlings can be seen more without forming high temperature(9cm plastic grow pots). It is not possible to cover the shade net on the tray and not the shade net outside the shed. Due to the inconsistent seed germination potential or the low germination rate, the seedlings are not uniform or the growth is inconsistent.

Spread in the substrate or in the soil, seedlings can be divided into seedlings(black plastic nursery pots). It is easy to seedling under conditions of high temperature, high humidity and low light, and can be sprayed with an aqueous solution (pure product) of 10,000 to 20,000 times of ketamine, and sprayed once more every 7 days. Due to the high temperature in summer, the evaporation of water is large, the matrix loses water quickly, and it is prone to wilting, which affects the normal growth of seedlings(90mm plastic grow pots). It should be replenished immediately, but watering in the high temperature section should be avoided.

(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price uk)For example, Xinxiang Xiaobao No. 26 and Qinbai No. 2 are all good choices(plug trays wholesale). Precautionary measures: Seeds are germinated and then sown, 1 hole and 1 grain; due to high temperature watering in summer, it is easy to cause disease. It can be prevented by 25% metalaxyl 600 times or 64% anti-virus vanadium 600 times liquid, once a week. If in the process of nursery(51 cell propagation trays wholesale), due to the age of the seedlings, etc., the yellowing of the seedling leaves should be sprayed with 0.3% quick-acting aqueous solution.

After sowing, the cabbage is one of the vegetables with the greatest demand in winter, and after the autumn(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the time for planting Chinese cabbage has arrived. Although there are more and more growers of cabbage in autumn, the products and quality of autumn cabbage are also very different because of different cultivation techniques. With the promotion of new cultivation techniques in recent years(40 cell plug tray wholesale), Qiu Dacai has been widely promoted in production and is deeply welcomed by vegetable farmers.

(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price uk)The following small series will focus on the cultivation techniques of the tray seedling cultivation of autumn Chinese cabbage(wholesale nursery pots). The selectivity of autumn cabbage in the selection of nursery varieties should be as follows: high temperature resistance, strong disease resistance, growth period and good commercial characteristics. The tray seedlings are often selected from plastic trays. The size is recommended to be 54cm×28cm(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). In addition, the hole punching method is also very simple. It can be squeezed up and down in 2 holes, and 1 spot in 1 hole, which is both labor-saving and convenient.

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