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Cheap Plastic Seedling Trays Wholesale Suppliers Italy

The watering principle of "wet rather than dry" should be mastered in the maintenance of wet flowers(72 cell seed starter trays). Most of the flowers that need to grow in moist soil belong to this type, such as Clivia, rose, pomegranate, Milan, camellia, hibiscus, osmanthus, etc. The so-called "pouring through" means not to pour "waist water", but to make the basin soil completely wet up and down(plant germination trays). Watering is the key to success or failure of flower cultivation.

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For this kind of flower watering, we should master the principle of seeing dry and seeing wet, that is to keep about 60% soil moisture content(18 cell seed starting trays). The amount of watering depends on what kind of flowers are planted. It is necessary to ensure that the basin soil is dry and wet, that is, it is not allowed to dry early for a long time, nor to get wet frequently, but to alternate between dry and wet(3.94inch plastic plant pots). The water requirement of this kind of flowers is between the above two.

(cheap plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers italy)Many beginners are puzzled by the amount of watering, which is difficult to master(20 cell seed starting trays). Aquatic flowers need flowers that live in water, such as lotus, Wang Lian, water lily, Fengyan lotus and so on. Their roots or stems generally have developed aerenchyma, which can ventilate with the outside world and absorb oxygen to supply root system(cheap nursery pots). Flower visit said: "live or not depends on water, growth depends on fertilizer."

Whether the flowers like to be wet, dry or semi dry should not be treated like any flowers(40 cell seed starting trays). If there are several kinds of flowers planted at home, they should be watered together and dried together. Although water is indispensable for the growth of flowers, excessive humid soil environment will make the roots of some flowers unable to breathe, and the rotten roots will die(greenhouse pots). Therefore, if you want to grow good flowers.(cheap plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers italy)

In fact, when the surface of basin soil turns white and dry, water it until it is wet(105 cell seed starter trays). Most of the flowers that bloom in autumn and winter are short sunshine flowers. Chrysanthemum, poinsettia and crab claw orchid are typical short day flowers. They can only grow vegetatively in the long sunshine environment in summer, but do not bloom(4.13inch plastic plant pots). In autumn, when the light is reduced to 10 ~ 11 hours, they begin to flower bud differentiation and bloom.

(cheap plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers italy)Do not wait for the basin soil to dry out and then flow, and do not water too much(104 cell seed starting trays). For plum blossom, Chimonanthus praecox, Hibiscus rosa, inverted golden bell, dahlia, cyclamen, geranium and other potted flowers that like to be dried and afraid of waterlogging, we should water them according to the principle of "dry thoroughly"(plastic plant pots canada). When the surface of the basin soil is dry, water it again, and pour the surface thoroughly at one time.

For example, for most of the flowers that like to be wet but not resistant to water, such as magpie, camellia, rose, Clivia, gardenia, Milan, hydrangea, evergreen, etc.(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), we should water them according to the principle of "see the dry and see the wet". First of all, we should understand the water requirements of all kinds of flowers, and master the watering principles and methods of potted flowers(sowing tray), so as to raise flowers well.

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