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Hot Sale Thermoformed Pots Wholesale Suppliers Mexico

It is a container made of agricultural film(32 cell seed trays wholesale). This kind of container has a long period of anti-corrosion and a wide range of use. Its specifications can be determined according to the needs of seedling cultivation. A variety of culture media can be filled, and the seedling can last for up to one year, which is suitable for more tree species(heavy duty plug trays). Containers that are not accepted by the state. Containers that can be accepted by the state.

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Nutritive brick is a kind of brick (mud mass) with no container on its surface(200 cell plug trays supplier). It is widely used in southern China, and it is suitable for seedlings of fast-growing and root developed tree species. The soil can not be decomposed by microorganisms. At the time of planting, the budding in the early spring and summer can be cut at the time of grafting or immediately after the survival of the grafted buds(11cm plastic grow pots). Honeycomb plastic film container.

(hot sale thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers mexico)When planting, the seedlings should be removed from containers(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), such as polystyrene polystyrene foam cups, porous rigid polystyrene nutrition cups, and other containers made of polystyrene and poly mother. The film bag should not be loaded into the planting hole, and the container bag should be removed before planting, so as to avoid limiting the root growth of young trees and polluting the soil(72 cell plant tray). Peat container.

The cutting point of the cutting glue should be 0.3-0.5cm above the grafted buds, and slightly incline to the back of the buds(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). Too high cutting will affect the healing of cross-section, and often form dry pile. Too low cutting will damage the buds, which will be harmful to the growth of pre hair and new essence(germination tray price). For the plastic bag moisture, it is necessary to timely open ventilation cooling, and then gradually remove.(hot sale thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers mexico)

It is a kind of non recyclable container(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). The main difference between peat containers and other kinds of containers is that the raw materials are relatively special. It is a newly developed and popularized honeycomb container in recent years, which has the advantages of convenient carrying, saving labor in filling matrix, and being beneficial to the scale and standardized production of enterprises(110mm plastic grow pots). It is a kind of non public container.

(hot sale thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers mexico)The containers are made of humic grass fiber raw materials (peat) which have been matured for many years(5 gallon nursery pots bulk), and a kind of container which is made by adding a certain proportion of synthetic pulp of grass pulp family which has been treated by a special process, and then through a series of synthetic and manufacturing processes of industrialized peat containers(nursery tray). Straw mud cup. A cup-shaped container made by mixing mud with a stick.

This kind of container can be used for seedling raising and afforestation in dry early(200 cell seed trays wholesale), semi dry early areas and stone mountain areas, and also for seedling raising in agriculture, vegetables, flowers and other leading cities. Compared with other containers, this kind of container has the advantages of good ventilation(v15 nursery pots), strong upright, light texture, a certain amount of fertilizer, pollution-free, easy to decompose and so on.(hot sale thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers mexico)

In North America, beixie and other temperate areas(200 cell seedling trays wholesale), the container for cultivating seedlings is small (diameter 2-3cm, length 9-20km, volume 40-50en); in subtropical and tropical areas, the container for cultivating Portuguese is large (volume over 100cam) in order to overcome the competition of weeds and improve the quality of afforestation(rooting tray). It can be planted underground with seedlings without tearing off the container when afforestation.

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