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Long Black Plastic Planters Wholesale Online

It can be used naturally(black plastic nursery pots). The choice of seedbed sites usually requires flat topography, sufficient sunlight and temperature, access to large areas of water and vegetable bases, well-drainage conditions, and convenient transportation. Most of them are rectangular. If there is damage and water leakage, it can be lengthened and rebuilt according to the number of seedlings(2 gallon nursery pots supplier), but it must not be too long, which is not conducive to the temperature regulation of the pool.

After disinfection, cover the bottom of the seedbed and the surrounding walls with a film(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The film film should be covered on the side of the seedbed. In order to avoid the outbreak of green algae, the most Good use of black film. The seedbed is irrigated twice. The first time is to release the water immediately after the completion of the seedbed to check whether the seedbed is not damaged, then it needs to be replaced(3 gallon nursery pots supplier). If there is no damage, the second irrigation is carried out.

(long black plastic planters wholesale online)The second irrigation is two days before the nursery period(wholesale nursery pots). The water quality has a direct impact on the composition and pH of the nutrients in the seedbed. The water source should be clean and pollution-free, well water, spring water, tap water, etc. Is a better choice. Natural water should be allowed to stand for about two days before water injection(5 gallon nursery pots supplier), so that suspended matter and particulate matter can be precipitated and filtered to improve water quality.

It is strictly forbidden to use pond water with high pollution to prevent pests and diseases(plastic nursery pots). Then use herbicides and insecticides to remove the weedy pests at the bottom of the seedling pond. The specifications of the seedbed are generally planned according to the specifications of the seedling tray. This time the water quality is high. The seedling tray should be disinfected before use(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). It is forbidden to press the substrate by hand to prevent the matrix from being too tight and agglomerate. 

The floating seedlings have a small footprint per plant(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). For example, you can then add nutrient solution evenly along the edge of the seedbed, stirring constantly to mix the nutrient solution and water. After the seeds are rooted and germinated, the nutrient solution can be adjusted according to the growth and development of the seeds(14 gallon nursery pots supplier). Remember not to pour the nutrient solution from the seedbed to prevent the waste of the nutrient solution and uneven mixing.(long black plastic planters wholesale online)

For disinfection, formalin solution, potassium permanganate solution, sodium hypochlorite solution or bleaching powder can be used(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). The concentration and method of use, duration and operation according to the specifications of the specification are generally adopted by means of spraying, soaking, rinsing, etc. Then the substrate is loaded, and the substrate is sprayed with water before the plate is placed(15 gallon nursery pots supplier), so that the substrate has moderate humidity, and the standard can be “hand held in a group, loose and scattered”.

(long black plastic planters wholesale online)When loading the plate, slowly push it into the hole with the wood piece(cell trays). At the same time, tap or shake the seedling plate to make the matrix tight. The permeability is poor, the roots are poorly developed, and the seed germination is affected. development. In addition, if the amount of loading is too much, it is easy to make the seedling plate sink into the water more than 1cm, resulting in too deep water, less air, too wet seedlings, easy to breed grass(gallon plant pots wholesale), and unfavorable for seed germination.

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