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Tobacco seedlings may have deficiency or poisoning, and iron deficiency and boron deficiency are common in deficiency syndrome(cell trays). If the pH of the nutrient solution is too high and it is cold, iron deficiency may occur. Chelated iron should be used in the fertilizer. In the case of iron deficiency, as long as the pH is adjusted and an appropriate amount of iron source (such as FeSO4) is added, the symptoms quickly disappear. When the boron is deficient, the color of the tobacco becomes an abnormal dark green(plastic plant trays wholesale), and the tip of the new leaf becomes brown necrosis, which is the biggest difference from the cold damage.

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(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale australia)Foliar spray can be applied by applying 0.5-1% borax solution(propagation tray). When floating seedlings are applied to control pests and diseases, it is necessary to pay attention to the concentration and time of application. Improper application concentration and time often cause phytotoxicity. It is generally better to apply the medicine after 4 pm on a cloudy morning or a sunny day. If necrotic spots are observed on the leaves of tobacco seedlings within 2-3 days after application(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), and the area is large, the problem of phytotoxicity should be considered first.

Spraying the leaves with clean water can relieve the symptoms(gallon nursery pots). Ventilation is not timely, even if the use of a drop-free film will cause the film to drip. On the one hand, the seeds sowed are splashed, which affects the emergence of seedlings. At the same time, the substrate is splashed and covered on the germinated seedlings, which affects the normal growth of the seedlings. On the other hand, the water drops, the humidity in the place where the water is dripping is too large, and the green algae breeds(large plastic terracotta pots). Seriously, the whole seedbed is plaque-like green algae plaque, which affects the normal growth of tobacco seedlings.

(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale australia)The shed film is based on a drop-free film, or the seedling is covered with a clean woven bag before seeding to reduce water damage(plug trays). There are two places in the floating seedlings that are prone to green algae, one is in the pool water and the other is the surface of the seedling tray. There are many reasons for the production of blue-green algae: one is that the concentration of phosphate fertilizer in the seedling fertilizer is too high, the second is that the disinfection of the seedling tray and the substrate is not in place(nursery plant pots), and the third is that the nursery pond and the nursery tray are not matched, resulting in the production of blue-green algae in the nutrient solution.

Do the disinfection of the old plate and control the source of the blue-green algae(black plastic plant pots); the nursery pond is matched with the nursery tray, and the nursery tray is placed in the nursery pond without leaving a gap. If there is an exposed place, it should be covered with other shading materials; The membrane is ventilated to reduce the humidity of the air; the black plastic film is used to pour the pool(cheap plastic plant pots bulk); the copper sulfate with a concentration of 0.025% or less is used for prevention and control, and the concentration is higher than 0.5%, which causes damage to the tobacco seedlings before the large cross period.(cheap plastic plant pots wholesale australia)

Spiral roots are rigid roots that are spiral or twisted into irregular shapes and do not produce lateral roots(gallon plant pot). Measures should be taken to eliminate them. The main measures to avoid the spiral roots should not be too high in organic matter content, loose in loading; there is not too much low temperature and low temperature after emergence; ensure that the matrix is not lost, voids are formed in the seedlings when the loss occurs, and the roots are easy to assemble to form spiral roots(square grow pots); Avoid excessive light during the seedling stage.

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