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In addition, generally speaking, the greater the loss of the detached stem, the easier it is to survive, but the worse the effect of virus removal(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). It is emphasized that different kinds of flower discards have different responses to growth regulators, which must be flexibly mastered in combination with the culture situation(10cm plastic plant pots). 

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The stems of this virus-free narcissus grow faster than the ordinary original species, have stronger viability, larger flowers than the infected plants, rich colors, and more flowers per stem(128 cell trays). The test tube seedling transfer technology introduced mainly aims at the plant species with great difficulty in transplanting, and the operation procedure is cumbersome(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). 

After 1-2 weeks of in vitro culture, the base tip did not increase significantly, but the color gradually turned green, and finally turned into small green spots(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). The in vitro culture of some flowers, such as orchids, is very suitable for liquid culture medium, and the growth rate of differentiation is greatly accelerated(15cm plastic plant pots). Such a shoot tip can not only ensure a certain survival rate, but also eliminate most viruses.

At this time(10cm flower pot), the shoot tip should be immediately transferred to a medium with a lower auxin concentration, or the culture temperature should be lowered, and the light intensity should be increased(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). Generally, the medium factors that play a role in shoot tip culture mainly include nutrients, growth regulators and physical conditions (solid or liquid, static or oscillation, etc.)(105 cell plant trays).

Under normal circumstances, the color of the shoot tip in vitro culture gradually turns green, and the base gradually becomes thicker. However, it is also possible that the shoot tips cultured in vitro are in a dormant state due to the bud-harvesting season(50 cell plug flats). Stone (1973) used a variety of narcissus to detoxify the shoot tip and obtained a clone free of Arabian mosaic virus and narcissus degenerative virus(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia).

Adding growth regulators to the culture medium plays an important role in stem growth and development, especially the type and concentration of growth regulators often play a decisive role(14 cm plastic plant pots). The main characteristics of virus are its simple structure and replication mechanism(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). During the bud taking period, most flower abandoned plants pick buds in spring or early summer than in other seasons(black plastic ground cover).

Many experiments show that in the early stage of culture, a small amount of gibberellin (GA) is conducive to the survival and elongation of the stem tip(40 cell seed tray inserts), but if the concentration is too high or the use time is too long, it will have an adverse effect, so that the stem tip is not easy to turn green, the leaf primordium elongates rapidly, but the growth point does not grow, and the whole stem tip finally turns brown and dies(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia).

The tissue near the growth point should be as few as possible(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). Within 1 week of inoculation, the stem tip became obviously thicker, and callus formed at the base. In fact, shoot tip meristem with leaf primordia with a length of more than 500um can grow and develop in the medium without auxin, but the medium with auxin is better(72 cell seedling trays). 6-benzylpurine (BA) is commonly used with a concentration of 0.5mgl.

Generally speaking(200 cell seedling trays), MS medium is widely used in flower plant shoot tip culture(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). Its high content of inorganic salt and organic matter can fully meet the needs of shoot tip growth and development. The shoot tip is not very sensitive to the physical state of the medium (liquid or solid)(32 cell tray). Generally speaking, the optimum light intensity at the beginning of shoot tip culture is 1000x, which increases to 2000x after 4 weeks.

Although the smaller the shoot tip in vitro, the better the effect of virus removal, the survival rate of the shoot tip is very low(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). When the shoot tip grows to LCM height (about 5 ~ 6 weeks of culture time), the light intensity can increase to 3000 ~ 4000lk. Shoot tip culture is generally better at room temperature of 25 ℃ ± 2 ℃(50 deep cell plug trays). Too high or too low temperature is unfavorable to the growth and development of shoot tip.

For the very small stem tip with only growth point(seedling tray 128 holes), in order to avoid rot and death caused by the stem tip sinking to the bottom in the liquid medium, it is best to build a filter paper bridge in the liquid medium and place the stem tip growth point on the paper bridge soaked in the medium(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). This is also an important factor that can not be ignored(pp woven ground cover). Usually, the effect of top bud is better than that of side bud. 

For most plants, this is caused by low auxin concentration or low cultivation temperature(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). It should be immediately transferred to a medium with a higher auxin concentration, or the culture temperature should be appropriately increased to promote the growth of the shoot tip(32 cell plug tray). Because the shoot tip meristem is not self-sufficient in auxin, auxin synthesis occurs only in the second pair of leaf primordia.

For some plants that are easy to transplant, the operation procedure can be simplified according to the specific and feasible alternative methods(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). The stem tip was not significantly elongated, and the color change was not obvious(10.5 cm plant pots). After about 4 weeks, you can see obviously elongated small stems, and the leaf primordium also forms visible lobules, which shows that each culture factor is very suitable. 

It was basically lighter all the time(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). Or the light intensity is not enough, the temperature is too high, etc(105 cell seed trays). Factors such as general medium composition, explant size and culture conditions not only affect the regeneration ability of in vitro shoot tips, but also significantly affect the detoxification effect of shoot tips. The shoot tip with leaf primordium has a higher survival rate(200 cell plug trays). Generally, there are 1 to 2 leaf primordia.

According to different types of shoot tip growth(200 cell trays), timely and appropriate adjustment of the concentration of growth regulators (mainly auxin) and appropriate cultivation conditions can generally greatly increase the survival rate of shoot tips, sometimes reaching more than 80%(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). The medium is more The softness is beneficial to the survival of the stem tip, and sometimes the amount of agar can be reduced to 4.0gL.

In shoot tip culture, the hardness of the medium is also very important(162 cell plug tray). The quality of the agar available on the market is different, and the amount is different. Otherwise, it is easy to form a mass of translucent callus and lose the ability to differentiate and grow(72 cell seed trays). This is due to the high concentration of auxin in the medium(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale latvia). Sometimes a small amount of callus is formed, and the stem tip is gradually elongated.

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