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Eggplant is a fertilizer loving crop(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). Soil condition and fertilization level have a great influence on the fruit setting rate of eggplant. When the nutritional conditions are good, there are few falling flowers. Malnutrition will increase the number of short style flowers, poor flower organ development and difficult to bear fruit(200 cell seed trays). According to the needs, foliar fertilization can also be carried out. 

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Long eggplant varieties(32 cell seed tray). At the full flowering stage, the absorption of ammonia and potassium increased significantly(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). It is best to add 0.003% gibberellin to the liquid at the same time(128 cell seed trays). Overwintering to carry the wall, if the 10,000 kilograms of Jiyi shoes are designed to be fertilizer, 32 kilograms of pure chlorine, 9.4 kilograms, and 45 kilograms of potassium are required. 

According to the experiment, the production of 1000 kg of eggplant requires 3.2 kg of pure nitrogen, 0.94 kg of phosphorus (Ba), and 4.5 kg of potassium (K3O)(288 cell plug tray). Calculated at 5000 kg of eggplant per 667 meters, 16 kg of waxy pure ammonia and 4.7 kg of phosphorus (Ba) are required. Potassium (K6O) 22.5 kg(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). Please choose to plant on sunny days when the day is above 20℃(50 deep cell plug trays).

The average temperature in the area is above 10℃(12cm nursery pot). 3000 kilograms of straw and 100 kilograms of chicken are applied per 667 meters. When preparing a mixed fertilizer solution, generally one kind of micro-fertilizer is formulated into an aqueous solution, and then other drugs are directly added to the prepared micro-fertilizer solution for dissolution according to the amount(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia).

In addition, the nutritional status also affects the position of flowering(162 cell seed starting trays). When the nutrition is sufficient, the branches at the flowering part can expand 4 ~ 5 leaves; In case of malnutrition, there are few expanded leaves and more falling flowers. The seed quantity is 50g per 667m(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). Zinc fertilizer cannot be mixed with superphosphate, and copper fertilizer cannot be mixed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution.

The plant grows moderately strong, the stem and petiole are purple, and the leaves are nearly oblong(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). The absorption of chlorine, potassium and potassium by eggplant increased with the growth period(105 cell plug trays). The absorption of ammonia, potassium and potassium at seedling stage was only 0.05%, 0.07% and 0.09% of the total absorption(50 cell propagation trays). The requirements for nutrients in each growth period are different.

At the beginning of flowering, the absorption of nutrients increased gradually, accounting for more than 90% of the whole period from full fruit stage to final fruit stage, including about 23% in full fruit stage(128 cell plug trays). The fertilizer in the early stage of growth is mainly to promote the nutritional growth of plants(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). With the progress of growth period, the transportation of nutrients to flowers and fruits increases. 

In order to avoid the formation of a false moist layer under the membrane, the base fertilizer can be applied first, and the soil can be turned over 40 ~ 50 cm deep to activate the soil and create a soil environment conducive to the deep development of roots(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). At this time, the first topdressing is carried out, and 4 ~ 5kg of pure nitrogen (about 10kg of urea or 20 ~ 25kg of sulfuric acid) is applied every 667m(9cm flower pots).

At this stage, if the ammonia sac was insufficient, the flower development was poor, the short columnar flower increased and the yield decreased(51 cell seed trays). Drip irrigation under film shall be adopted if conditions permit. Alizarin was bred by Vegetable Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). Chicken manure contains 250 kg of carbon, 16.5 kg of nitrogen, 15 kg of alkali and 85 kg of potassium.

Note that plots with more than 3 years are flat or reduce the use of Meifei(32 cell seedling tray). The topdressing amount of the first three times is the same, and the topdressing amount in the future can be halved or no potassium fertilizer can be applied(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). The base fertilizer is mainly rotten organic fertilizer, which is evenly boiled on the soil surface and evenly mixed into the topsoil in combination with ploughing(32 cell plug tray).

The two items have a total of 1600 kg of carbon, 30 kg of nitrogen, 21.6 kg of phosphorus and 25.6 kg of potassium, which basically meet the requirements(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). But when mixed, we should pay attention to clarify the fertility and drug properties(72 cell propagation tray). Topdressing: when the "meneggplant" reaches the "eye opening stage" (when the ovary expands and the flower is exposed after fertilization), the fruit begins to grow rapidly.

The second topdressing was carried out when the "eggplant" fruit expanded(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia); When the "four sides bucket" began to develop, it was the peak of eggplant fertilizer demand, and the third topdressing was carried out(10cm plastic plant pots). Micro fertilizer can be diluted and sprayed on the foliar surface of eggplant. It is an economic and effective application method(50 cell plug trays). Pay attention to the appropriate concentration in the spraying process.

Too much chicken code will cause more nitrogen damage to root death, and more phosphorus will harden the soil(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). According to the length of the growth period, it is appropriate to spray 2 to 4 times. Such as 0.05%~0.25% gluconic acid or borax solution; 0.02%~0.05% fine ammonium acid solution, 0.05%~0.2% zinc sulfate solution(98 cell seed tray); 0.01%~0.02% copper sulfate solution: 0.2%~0.5% ferrous sulfate solution. 

If you want to plant early, you can buckle a small cap in the shed, turn the grass over, increase the night temperature, and prevent freezing damage(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). The refined stalk contains 1350 kilograms of carbon, 0.45% and 13.5 kilograms of ammonia, 0.22% and 6.6 kilograms of phosphorus, and 0.57% and 17.1 kilograms of potassium(72 cell plug trays). The period of spraying micro-fertilizers is generally to spray before flowering. 

In order to reduce the loss of micro-fertilizer during the spraying process and facilitate the absorption of the leaves, it should be sprayed in the afternoon on cloudy or sunny days to the evening of the Buddha(13cm plastic plant pots), which can prolong the retention time of the storage solution on the leaves and help improve the spraying(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). Effect. Generally speaking, all kinds of micro-fertilizers cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides.

All kinds of micro-fertilizers cannot be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as plant ash and lime(105 cell plug flats). When spraying with pesticides, the dual effects of fertilizer efficiency and drug effect should be considered(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). Oranges should be buckled 10 days before planting, the ground is prepared and covered with mulch, and the ground temperature is raised(200 cell plug trays). Chicken dung should be used in acupuncture points or ditch. 

In order to prevent root damage during cultivation, nutrient zinc can be used to grow seedlings(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). Greenhouse eggplant is cultivated early in spring, and the eggplant is weak in cold tolerance. It likes higher temperature and former high temperature crops(seedling tray 104 holes). The effect of preventing flower falling and promoting fruit growth will be better, and at the same time, it can reduce the harm of the liquid to new leaves.

The concentration of is 0.002%~0.003%(12.5 cm plant pots). Any flower that has been dipped can not regenerate bacteria, and advertising color can be added to the medicinal solution as a mark(162 cell plug tray). Cloudy days should also reveal the bitterness of the grass and see the light heat up(plastic seedling trays wholesale price southeast asia). To protect flowers and fruits, use 2,4-0 in the shed in winter, and master the appropriate temperature, appropriate concentration and method.

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