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According to the different purposes of the research, the methods used are also different(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia). In 1839, another German scientist, Schwann, published a monograph on the research on the structure and growth consistency of animals and plants(commercial plant pot suppliers). Only a few laboratories in more than 10 countries are engaged in plant tissue culture research, which has basically spread all over the world by the 1990s. 

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With the deepening of the research, the problems involved are more and more extensive(5 gallon nursery pots). The application of plant tissue and cell culture technology in production has made many remarkable achievements and showed broad development prospects. In 1960, mrel studied the in vitro culture of orchid shoot tips, which was first successful(nursery pots canada). It not only removed the orchid virus, but also multiplied rapidly and in large quantities(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia).

The glucoside, fructose, etc(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia). contained in cucumbers do not participate in the usual sugar metabolism, so diabetic people use cucumbers instead of starchy foods to satisfy their hunger, and blood sugar will not increase, but even decrease(plastic plant pots). Therefore, it is easy to find recessive mutants from the phenotype. my country is the first country in the world to use wheat and rice haplotypes in production(8 inch nursery pots). 

In 1963, winber applied this technology to obtain 4 million protocorms in a year(6 inch nursery pots). Later, this technology was used to reproduce and produce orchids in large quantities in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, and achieved great economic and social benefits, Formed the famous "orchid industry"(grow bags wholesale). At present, more than 100 plants have obtained regenerated plants through embryoid culture(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia).

In the early 1960s(1 gallon nursery pots), in plant tissue culture, the embryoid regeneration pathway had the advantages of high differentiation rate, large reproduction coefficient, developed root system and faster reproduction rate than other pathways (the number of embryoids produced on the culture was more than that of adventitious buds, fast formation rate and complete structure)(7 gallon nursery pots). There is no dominant gene covering(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia). 

The propagation speed of test tube plantlets can be calculated by the formula(large plastic planters): y = M × X (y is the number of reproduction in one year, M is the number of sterile mother plants, X is the multiplication multiple of each culture cycle, and a is the number of proliferative cycles in the whole year)(plastic bonsai pots). The propagation speed of test tube seedlings proliferates in geometric progression, which is the key to rapid propagation(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia).

In the world(plastic plant trays wholesale), because the production performance and main economic indicators of test tube seedlings are not different from those obtained by other asexual propagation methods, and have the characteristics of fast propagation speed, easy mass production and convenient management(10 inch nursery pots), they are widely used in the industrialized production of flowers, vegetables, medicinal plants and economic trees(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia). 

The research on plant filtration transformation combined with recombinant DNA technology has become an important content of plant bioengineering(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia). Since then, on the basis of the continuous development and improvement of plant tissue and cell culture technology, plant tissue culture is used, generally through pollen (microspore) culture and unfertilized ovary and ovule culture to form haploid plants(custom plastic pots). 

With the continuous development of plant tissue culture technology(10 gallon nursery pots), the removal of plant viruses through stem tip culture, combined with rapid propagation technology, has achieved a very ideal solution to this problem, and greatly improved the yield and quality of crops (including flowers, vegetables and fruit trees)(seedling trays wholesale). Embryoid body is the fastest artificial in vitro asexual propagation method(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia). 

For example(plug plant trays), the Chinese Academy of Forestry established a suspension culture system of poplar slender run for the first time, and adopted the method of gradually increasing the concentration of N:Cl in the medium to obtain salt-tolerant somatic mutant plants, which have now entered field trials(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It takes several generations of selfing to obtain stable traits in breeding and transmission, which requires a long time for roots(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia).

After the chromosome is doubled(2 gallon nursery pots), it is restored to diploid plants, thus obtaining pure line materials for hybrid breeding, which greatly shortens the breeding cycle compared with obtaining pure lines by traditional methods(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia). The use of plant tissue and cell culture technology can carry out mutagenesis and screening of mutants in the laboratory, which can greatly save manpower, material resources and time(3 gallon nursery pots). 

It is also possible to gradually place practical test-tube plantlets on a medium with higher and higher aCl content to mutate and screen salt-tolerant mutant plants(20 gallon nursery pots). To cultivate excellent hybrids in agricultural production, pure lines with the same genotype are required as parents, and most crops or garden flowers are cross-pollinated(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia). It is difficult to obtain pure line varieties(such as radiation, chemical substances)(11 inch plastic plant pots). 

It is susceptible to mutagenesis under the influence of culture conditions and external pressures, from which disease-resistant, salt-resistant, high-protein, high-lysine, and high-yielding mutants are screened(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Because most mutants are recessive, it is difficult to check for mutant or non-mutated recessive genes, while haploids have only one set of alleles at each locus, and in cell culture, the cells are in continuous meristem(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia). 

And the detection of DNA molecular markers is being carried out(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia). At the same time, with the deepening of aerospace breeding work, test-tube seedlings can also be carried on satellites and spacecraft, and after screening, new mutants have been discovered(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). In the process of tissue culture, the test-tube plantlets can be gradually placed at lower and lower culture temperatures to induce mutations and screen cold-resistant plants(plastic plant pots nz). 

Brand new crops are invaded by viruses and have few drugs to cure, Resulting in a sharp decline in output and serious deterioration of quality(custom plant pot). Many since the British scholar Cocking used enzymatic removal of plant cell walls in 1960, more than 250 higher plant protoplasts have been cultivated into regenerated plants, laying the foundation for the realization of selected somatic cell hybridization and foreign gene introduction(cheap thermoforming flower pots wholesale georgia).

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