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Large Black Plastic Planters Wholesale Price Australia

A reasonable width and belt ratio are conducive to coordination between corn and various crops(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), between individuals in the corn group, The contradiction between ecological factors such as light is also the basis for mechanization of intercropping corn cultivation(long life propagation trays). However, multiple crops are often susceptible to early, waterlogging, and low temperatures in the later stages of growth, and the annual yield is unstable.

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However, the direct seeding of summer maize after wheat harvest is in the summer waterlogging season from the middle of June to the last ten days of July(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). China is rich in heat resources, and about half of the agricultural cultivated land has an effective accumulated temperature of more than 3600 ℃ and a frost free period of more than 170 days(nursery tray manufacturers). Wow width, also known as bandwidth, car width. 

The number of rows of wheat interplanting with corn and the width of land occupation are no more than 8 rows of wheat, covering an area of 3-3.5 feet(128 cell seed trays wholesale), covering an area of 2.5-3 feet, and the total width of about 6 feet is about the middle belt spacing, which can give full play to the yield increasing effect of the edge row advantage of wheat and corn at the same time(1.5 gallon nursery pots). It refers to the width of a composite strip.

The maize seedling is vulnerable to waterlogging, which affects its growth, generally reducing the yield by 20-80% per mu(128 cell trays bulk). It is suitable for mechanized operation, easy to maintain seedlings, uniform plant distribution in the field, reasonable population structure, suitable for close planting, convenient management, and high yield(plastic flower pots bulk), so that the combination of land use and nutrition can play a greater role.

In 1980, the total yield of corn reached 10.3 billion jin, with a unit yield of 428 Jin, about double that of 1977(72 cell plug trays supplier). On the early ground, the experiment of "three grains, one fertilizer, one year and four crops", 2 rows of corn planting, that is, potato, corn, autumn wheat and green manure(planting trays wholesale), not only can the grain yield be significantly increased than that of corn wheat, but also can harvest thousands of Jin of green manure.

Since 1977, the area of maize interplanting has been expanded year by year in Sichuan Province(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). By 1980, the area of maize interplanting has reached 50-60%. In some areas, it has basically reached popularization. At the same time, due to the promotion of hybrids and the improvement of cultivation technology(1 gallon plastic nursery pots), in addition, the Southwest hilly and low mountain and middle mountain areas also occupy a certain area.

The belt ratio refers to the ratio of the width of a crop planted to the width of a crop in a composite belt(sureroot plug trays bulk). It is of great significance to promote the research of intercropping maize cultivation technology and realize the mechanization of cultivation. Every Mid Autumn Festival, they will put pomegranate together with moon cake(72 cell plug trays), chestnut, eat cakes, walnut and other cake and fruit on the table to worship their ancestors.

Only when the family can go to the garden, veranda or lawn where they can enjoy the moon, can they sit around and get together(72 cell seed trays wholesale). You say I enjoy the moon with laughter, and taste fruit to celebrate the reunion of the family, auspiciousness and happiness, as well as many children and blessings(rootmaker propagation trays). Therefore, pomegranate has become an indispensable fruit for the Mid Autumn Festival and a fresh fruit for relatives and friends.

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