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Heze Peony (called Caozhou in ancient times) is located at 35°20 north latitude(plastic plant pots wholesale australia). It is dry in spring and rainy in summer and autumn. The plant height is mostly between 0.5 and 2 meters. The branches are round and the upright surface is crisp. The surface of the new branches is smooth(one gallon nursery pots). The surface of the perennial branches is brown, often cracking and peeling. The plant types are upright, open, short, and solitary.

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Dry five types(soil block propagation trays). The leaves are two and three compound leaves, alternate, dark green or yellow-green above the leaves, gray-green below, smooth or hairy. Bone sunflower five-cornered, each fruit bears 7 to 13 seeds, oval shape, dark brown when old, 1,000 seeds weigh about 400 grams. Flower love, planting, and flower protection have become a new fashion(15 gallon black plastic pots). The inevitable result of re-understanding and re-evaluation.

(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers australia)Secondly, Luoyang, Henan, has a horticultural cultivation area of more than 40 hectares and more than 200 varieties(200 cell plug trays), mainly Luoyang red, Erqiao, Yaohuang, Gejinzi, Lantian jade, Zhushalei, etc., as well as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing Peony has a certain area of cultivation in places such as, Hangzhou(greenhouse nursery pots). The leaves can be divided into large round leaves, large long leaves, small long leaves, medium leaves and other leaf types.

Since my country's reform and opening up, the country has flourished and the people are well(best microgreen trays). When the female and male petals become severely, the seed-setting is few or not. According to the morphological characteristics of the flower, it can be divided into sunflower, lotus, rose, crown, hydrangea, and hemispherical(teku plant pots). The total petiole is 8-20 cm long, scattered, with grooves on the surface, and complex colors.(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers australia)

They are bisexual, colorful and diversified(v16 nursery pots). The colors of the flowers are divided into ten major colors, white, red, yellow, pink, purple, Purple, ink purple (black), snow green, green. The average annual temperature is 13.6℃, the average minimum temperature in January is 2.3℃, and the average maximum temperature in July is 26.89℃(nursery supplies plastic pots). The annual rainfall is 706.68 mm, 70% of which is concentrated in June to August.

(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers australia)There are single-petal, yellow when mature, double-petal, small round leaves, and thousand-petal types(lavender plug trays wholesale). The flower has many stamens, strong seed-setting ability, and high seed maturity. This classification is based on the new situation of Guoxinghua and people's pursuit of modern civilization since my country's reform and opening up(5 gallon pots for sale). The flowers are solitary and longer than the tops of the branches of the year.

Since the Tang Dynasty, our country has praised and eulogized peony as the country's famous flower(plastic pots wholesale). In 1994, just as our country's economy was prosperous and the people were well-being, the National Flower Association organized selection and selected peony as the national flower(square plastic plant pots). It is suitable for the growth and development of peony roots, with deep roots, lush leaves, large flowers and bright colors.(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers australia)

The soil is deep and it is the sandy loam deposited by the flooding of the Yellow River, and the soil is loose(10 gallon plastic pots). Flowers have become an important commodity, gift, and symbol in all aspects of society and life, and they have brought infinite happiness to people. Traditional flowers(plant pots nz). As evidenced by the poem "Only the true color of peony", the Ming and Qing dynasties once again rescued peony as the national flower.

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