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Best Seed Starting Trays Suppliers Lebanon

When the vegetable garden area is small, the current vegetable prices in China are completely regulated by the market(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). It is not necessarily the price of which vegetable is high or low in which year, or it is too high or too low in different seasons of the year(72 cell plug trays). The planning and design of the land is more important or the production is based on protected land. New vegetable gardens must be planned. 

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Growing a variety of vegetables can reduce the substantial reduction in income caused by the low prices of certain vegetables. Vegetable production is currently greatly affected by climatic conditions, and the ability to resist disasters is still relatively weak(15cm plastic plant pots). For sandy soil, various general fertilizers, composts, river mud, pond mud and shallow sand layer can be applied, and the soil can be turned deeply(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon).

The phenomenon that prices deviate from value often occurs. of(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). When there is a conflict between yield and quality, first adopt measures to ensure quality, such as excessive application of fertilizers, especially ammonia fertilizer, pay attention to the supporting use of farm manure and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium(seedling tray 104 holes); select good-quality varieties and pay attention to proper regulation of moisture. 

Wait. Regardless of the size of the land, there are problems with the reasonable planning and design of the land(10.5 cm plant pots). The old vegetable area generally has a trunk road at the top of the ground. The ridge or sleeping direction is perpendicular to the ten roads, so there is no need to leave a work road alone. Most of the home vegetable gardens are small in size(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). The trail can be used as a water supply and drainage ditch. 

Field roads are set aside between each block, divided into arterial roads (l: roads) and human-worked trails(72 cell seedling trays). Ten lanes are for cars, tractors, commercial vehicles, etc., to transport manure and other production materials, and to transport vegetables. Field irrigation ditches for human operations can be used as drainage ditches(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). In planning, it should be considered that the accumulated water can be drained smoothly(50 cell plug flats). 

The trails of human work are perpendicular to the main road, which is convenient for people to reduce the amount of labor(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). Generally speaking, a slightly larger plot is favorable for ten-machine farming, and the overall land utilization rate is also higher. Generally, a plot of about 1 hectare is more appropriate(13cm plastic plant pots). From the perspective of water saving and energy saving, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation should be developed. 

For slope land, the ten roads should be consistent with the slope direction, so that the wow or ridge direction and the main road are straight, which is conducive to water retention, and it is appropriate to build horizontal terraces with conditions(14 cm plastic plant pots). The irrigation and drainage of vegetable fields must be considered in land planning and design(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon).

For irrigation with rotary sprinkler irrigation machinery, the area covered by the sprinkler heads of one row or two rows of branch pipes can be divided into a plot(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). According to the size of the land area, unified planning of arable land, roads, and irrigation and drainage systems(50 deep cell plug trays). Larger land areas can be divided into square or rectangular plots, and mechanical farming, planting and rotation can be arranged uniformly.

There are two ways to get a good governance card on vegetable HL, which is to apply a large amount of farm fertilizer and plant crops conducive to soil improvement(50 cell plug trays). Low-lying land, land with high groundwater level and rainy places must have good drainage ditches. Special The plot can be arranged for forced drainage, concealed drainage, or well drainage(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). Many families need to share drainage ditches in the same river(40 cell seed tray inserts). 

Vegetables have strict requirements on soil(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). It is easy to obtain high quality and high yield only on taxi soil with deep plough layer, high organic matter content, good soil structure and water and fertilizer conservation. Newly opened vegetable gardens are generally not easy to meet the above standards, so soil improvement should be considered in planning(105 cell plug trays). The main drainage channel is usually next to the main road.

On the sticky soil, it rotates with food crops such as corn, and a variety of vegetables that can withstand the sticky soil, such as onions and garlic(200 cell trays). It must be considered that the accumulated water can be discharged quickly during planning, especially in rainy areas(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). They must negotiate in advance and jointly repair(32 cell plug tray). The low-injection and prone to waterlogging plots are planned as deep trenches and high borders.

In low-lying saline alkali land, irrigation and salt washing, increasing farmyard fertilizer and spreading sand and grass are used to reduce water evaporation(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). When planning on the ground, make a planting plan for good soil harvest(32 cell tray). For example, in the spare time of sandy land use, rush to plant a Cui green fertilizer, and then turn it over to improve the soil(10cm plastic plant pots). Generally, it is mostly rotated with legumes to improve the soil. 

Low lying plots can be planted with moisture-resistant vegetables, such as celery and Yongcai, or leek, which can be covered with soil or organic fertilizer year by year to improve the terrain(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). There are many kinds of salt tolerant vegetables in saline alkali land, such as spinach, spinach, asparagus, cabbage and melon (except cucumber) vegetables(128 cell seed trays). As we all know, applying farm manure is very beneficial to] improve the soil. 

When planning the land of family vegetable garden, we should plan from the perspective of producing green vegetables in order to reduce the pollution of vegetables(128 cell trays). The instrument can reduce the concentration of pollutants by deepening the surface pollution, and flood irrigation with large water to reduce the concentration. In land planning, trying to reduce diseases, pests and weeds can reduce the use of pesticides(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). 

For family gardens in heavily polluted areas, efforts should be made to reduce pollution during land planning(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). Take water pollution as an example(pp woven ground cover). For example, if surface water is polluted, it should be planned to drill deep wells or use white water. If the whole water quality is polluted, it should be considered to jointly divert water from the polluted areas(162 cell plug tray). The pollution of vegetables has attracted more and more attention. 

Protected land production can generally improve the yield and output value per unit plot and obtain greater vegetable planting benefits(105 cell plant trays). According to the characteristics of the local monsoon, planning ridging and coffee making along the wind can be conducive to air circulation, reduce humidity, and then reduce some diseases(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). In addition to farm manure, slag and fine sand can also be applied to viscous soil.

Watermelon, melon and winter melon that avoid moisture, or eggplant, beans and potatoes with moderate soil moisture requirements shall be planted on relatively low groundwater level or medium and upper slopes(200 cell plug trays). In planning, it is more advantageous to match the protected land with the open land, and the greenhouse with the arch shed(best seed starting trays suppliers lebanon). Some diseases are aggravated by accumulated water in the field. 

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