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Branded 10 cm Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale NZ

Summer spinach, also known as vomiting spinach, refers to a row of spinach harvested in stages from May to July and harvested from late June to late August(plastic nursery pots). Unfavorable climatic conditions of high temperature and strong light in summer, adverse effects of spinach seed emergence and normal growth of plants, resulting in low summer spinach and poor quality(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). Therefore, the cultivation is difficult, and the cultivation points are as follows.(branded 10 cm plastic plant pots wholesale nz)

When the vegetative growth is inhibited, it will be twitched in a short time after sowing(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Generally, in order to promote vegetative growth and prevent premature convulsions, 1 should be sufficient. It is necessary to re-apply the base fertilizer, after the harvest of the former crops, clean the garden, immediately fertilize the land, apply 3,000-4,000 kg of compost compost per acre(32 cell seedling trays wholesale), 30-35 kg of phosphate rock powder, and 10-15 kg of potash powder as base fertilizer.

The seeds are put into sacks, immersed in the evening, taken out in the morning(plastic nursery pots wholesale), spread out in the open space or in the shade of the shelter, covered with wet sacks, and poured cold water once a day in the morning and evening to keep the seeds. Wet, about 7 to 9 days, the seeds can be sown(50 cell seedling trays wholesale); it can also be treated in a refrigerator or cabinet at a low temperature of about 4 °C for 24 hours, then germinated at 20-25 °C, and germinated after 3 to 5 days.(branded 10 cm plastic plant pots wholesale nz)

Therefore, the growth stage of summer spinach is in a high temperature period(wholesale nursery pots). Use heat-resistant, fast-growing, disease-resistant, high-yield, and difficult to twitch. Seeds must be treated with low temperature, and the well water germination method can be used. It is best to use ridge cultivation in the cultivation of summer spinach in sticky soil. The sowing time is from mid-August to the end of September(50 cell seed starter trays). After the spinach grows 2 to 3 true leaves, it starts to topdress and is poured with 10% manure. 

Autumn spinach selects heat-tolerant varieties(black plastic nursery pots). 50 cm from 1 ridge, 2 rows per ridge, 5 cm 1 hole, 2 holes for seeding, generally about 1 kg per mu. Planting summer spinach in the sandy soil block, the water 15 is easy to infiltrate or evaporate, and can be planted with alfalfa. Generally, it is a 1.5-meter-wide raft, in which the medlar is 1.15 m and the ridge is 35 cm(72 cell seed starter trays). Each cultivar is 9 rows, the plant spacing is 2.5 cm, the row spacing is 12 cm, and the seed is 3.5 kg per acre.

(branded 10 cm plastic plant pots wholesale nz)Spinach seeds can germinate at temperatures above 4 ° C, while suitable temperatures are between 15 and 20 ° C(20 cell trays bulk). The growth period of this vegetable is not long, and it is harvested in batches 30-40 days after sowing. Spinach has strong salt and alkali resistance and is not resistant to acid. The suitable pH value is 7.3-8.2(seed propagation trays). When the soil is acidic, it can cause the tip and leaf margin of spinach to be yellowish brown, the roots are brown, growth stops, and even die.

Spinach is a fast-growing green leafy vegetable(cell trays). It needs more nitrogen fertilizer during the growth process, but the nitrogen fertilizer is too much, the leaves are thin, and the resistance is poor. Properly apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. When 4-6 leaves are used, the fertilizer is further chased. The concentration gradually increases to 40%(18 cell seed starting trays), and urea can be applied every 667 square meters. 5-10kg, watering after topdressing to keep the soil moist.

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