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Cheap Plastic Nursery Pots Wholesale Lebanon

Planting time: This kind of plant is perennial, its formation is relatively fast, and the lower leaves of the plant are easy to age, which affects the ornamental value(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). Its best viewing period can be up to 2 years after planting(v12 plastic pots). At the later stage of harvest of the main fruits and vegetables, the lower diseased and old leaves are covered, and other vegetables are planted or transplanted. 

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In the interplanting of cotton and garlic, the width of garlic is 1.2m, of which the wow ridge is 20cm, and eight rows of garlic are planted in coffee, with a row spacing of 12.5cm and a plant spacing of 10cm(12.5 cm plant pots). Cucumber is interplanted with pepper and Pleurotus ostreatus(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). The wide row spacing of cucumber is 1.8m, the narrow row spacing is 50cm, and the plant spacing is 25-27cm. 

In February(200 cell plug trays), cucumber was planted in the next sentence, cabbage or white garlic were planted between rows to produce garlic seedlings, pepper was planted in the middle of August after cucumber seedling pulling, Pleurotus ostreatus was three-dimensional cultivated after seedling pulling in the end of December, or white garlic was planted to produce garlic seedlings(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon).

Greenhouse(21 cell plug trays): Fast-growing leaves are stained with fruit and vegetables, and fast-growing leafy vegetables are planted first. Timely use greenhouse and arch shed to cultivate support fruits and vegetables, and plant dwarf fruits and vegetables in low parts such as front corner and around arch shed(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon), such as pepper and zucchini around cucumber, balsam pear, towel gourd and watermelon in greenhouse(162 cell plug tray). 

Therefore, the continuous cultivation should not exceed 1 year without repotting, and it is best to reproduce it regularly(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). Beautification effect: Although the appearance of the roots of the stick leaves is mediocre, it is not difficult to feel its moving when you taste it carefully(128 cell plug trays). Generally speaking, every spring, the clusters of orange-red flowers that take root on the leaves will bloom in time, giving people a refreshing feeling. 

The potatoes emerge late(32 cell seed tray). Interplanting wheat and pepper, each sowing width sowing 6 rows of wheat, row spacing 15 cm, interplanting 2 rows of pepper (line dried pepper) between sowing widths, row spacing 25 cm, hole spacing 23.3 cm, 3 plants per hole(128 cell seed trays). Double ridge pepper is planted in the middle of the wide row with a row spacing of 45cm and a plant i33cm, or Pleurotus ostreatus bags are placed in the wide row(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon).

Wheat will be harvested in June, winter melon will be planted in mid-to-late August, and three rows of large H vegetable seedlings will be planted at a plant spacing of 45-50(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). Centimeters, 3~4 old leaves at the base of the rice are removed in early September, harvested in time after ripening, and 3 rows of wheat are planted next to the E rice(162 cell seed starting trays). Medium and small flowerpots can be used as cultivation containers.

When it is time to plant fruit and vegetables, plant the interplanted vegetables within a predetermined row spacing, and harvest the fast-growing leafy vegetables at the planting position earlier(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon); In the Gaomei ditch, fruits and vegetables are planted on the borders(50 cell plug trays). Cotton is sown on both sides of the garlic wow ridge, that is, two rows are sown every wow, with a large row spacing of 90cm and a small row spacing of 30cm. 

Under good management conditions, it is not easy to get disease when the leaves take root, and they are rarely attacked by harmful animals(50 cell propagation trays). When the flowers of the plant wither, it can be combined with pruning to turn the pots(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). In addition to legumes, the intercropping of food crops and vegetables is beneficial to the prevention and control of pests and diseases, and it is also easy to reduce the symbiosis period. 

When they grow rapidly, the fast-growing leafy vegetables have been harvested(200 cell seed trays). Management points: The soil environment where the roots of the stick leaves fall to the ground and the roots are happy to be wet and dry, and the seeds of pepper, eggplant, zucchini, celery, lettuce, etc. are applied(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). The wide row spacing of tomatoes is 1 to 1.8 meters, the narrow row spacing is 50 cm, and the plant spacing is about 25 cm(10cm plastic plant pots). 

Before and after May 20th, sown 1 row of E rice on each side of any winter melon seedlings, with a plant spacing of 30 cm(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). Wide-row interplanting of the above-mentioned vegetables, zucchini interplanting toon, Ruan English peas, dwarf lettuce, etc.(51 cell plug trays), two gourds with a wide row spacing of 1.8 meters, a narrow row spacing of 50 cm, and a forest spacing of 45-50 cm, and wide rows of interplanting the above vegetables. 

There are many kinds of vegetables that can be intercropped when fruits and mulberry are young(105 cell seed starting trays). Intercropping wheat and vegetables, the width of the wheat is 80 cm, and the width of 1 rice is used to plant overwintering vegetables. In the second year, the overwintering vegetables will be transplanted after the harvest, and the sweet potatoes will be planted after the wheat is harvested(72 cell plug trays). Colonization method: potting(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). 

In the combination of 1.4 meters in width in the Yangtze River Basin, sown leeks with a width of 30-40 cm, plant a row of potatoes and yams each in the open space, and reserve holes between the potato rows, and plant watermelon or thin-skinned melon and potatoes at the right time(72 cell propagation tray). After harvest, the melons can be put on vines(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). After the melons and yams are harvested, cabbage or lettuce is transplanted in the air-spoke.

The wow ridge is sandwiched in the middle of the small row, with a plant spacing of 30cm(v13 plastic pots). Cotton and vegetables(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). The main and subsidiary lines of greenhouse tomato were intercropped, with medium mature varieties as ascending lines and early maturing varieties as subsidiary lines. Orchards, mulberry orchards and vegetable intercropping(288 cell plug tray). The intercropping vegetables include leek, cabbage, cabbage and so on.

Cucumber or kidney bean are intercropped with pepper and eggplant(98 cell seed tray). The advantage of intercropping is to make full use of land and solar energy, make use of the spatial attachment between cultivation lines, increase the yield of vegetables, and be conducive to the balanced listing of multiple varieties(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). Reasonable intercropping can promote the growth of vegetables and even reduce the harm of Cordyceps sinensis. 

Shaking or transplanting leafy vegetables between fruit and vegetable lines in autumn, interplanting corn and sorghum with relatively high plants and vegetables with relatively low plants, the two kinds of crops make use of different growth space and improve the utilization rate of light energy(v9 plastic pots). The roots of grain crops are generally deep, and most vegetable roots are shallow, making use of the fertility of different soil layers(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon).

Colonization shall be carried out when the seedlings begin to germinate new leaves(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). In the Intercropping between Ma lingmu and other vegetables, potatoes are planted in the ridge (or Sheng platform) in spring, and fast-growing leafy vegetables are planted on the lifting platform (or ridge ditch)(105 cell plug flats). For example, one row of cucumber and one row of pepper are respectively planted in the tendon with a width of 1 meter. 

This plant can endure high temperature environment of no more than 50 ℃ and short-term low temperature of 0 ℃(32 cell seedling tray). Every March to April is the vigorous growth stage of Corydalis, and the phenomenon of plant chasing light is very serious. It is best to turn the pot every 2 ~ 3 days, otherwise it is easy to cause plant crown deviation(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale lebanon). Flowering is spring(seedling tray 104 holes). It is resistant to barren soil and has little demand for fertilizer.

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