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Cheap Seed Planting Trays Wholesale Supplier

Concept: using grass charcoal, vermiculite, etc(plastic nursery pots). as the substrate, using the holes of different cavities as the container, using the precision seeding production line to automatically install the substrate, sowing, covering, repressing, watering, and then placing it in the germination chamber and greenhouse. Regulation and cultivation, a modern seedling system for seedlings. Features: Wide adaptability, can sown a variety of crops(1 gallon nursery pots supplier); roots and matrix are closely entangled, no slow seedling period after planting. Advantages compared to traditional seedlings:

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(cheap seed planting trays wholesale supplier)(1) Energy saving. Traditional seedlings 100 strains/M2, plug seedlings 700-1000 strains/M2(plastic nursery pots wholesale), energy saving 2/3 (2) labor saving and high efficiency. The traditional nursery soil is 500-700g, and the tray substrate is less than 50g (3). (4) Suitable for long distance transportation. It has good water absorption and permeability, and is a good seedling substrate, PH4-5. Vermiculite: It is made by burning and expanding mica flakes in a furnace above 850 °C(2 gallon nursery pots supplier). It is alkaline, light in weight, good in gas permeability and large in water holding capacity. The particle size of the seedling substrate is preferably 3-5 mm.

Perlite: It is formed by burning and expanding volcanic silicate rock at 760-1200 °C(black plastic nursery pots). Neutral alkali is suitable. The particle size of the seedling substrate is 1.5-6mm, but the dosage should not be too large, because it contains sodium oxide and watering. Easy to float carbonized rice husk: ash, characterized by light bulk density, high porosity, good aeration and water holding capacity, alkaline, should be treated before use, and PH changes should be monitored during use(3 gallon nursery pots supplier). Sawdust: a by-product of wood processing, but the toxic tree species sawdust should not be used as a seedling substrate.

(cheap seed planting trays wholesale supplier)Stack the substrate before using it, and use it with other substrates(plug trays wholesale). In addition, the waste of edible fungi, scraps of paper mills, distiller's grains, dregs, etc., can be used as a seedling substrate after being harmlessly treated. The principle of seedling substrate selection: rich in local resources and low in price; free of germs, eggs and toxic substances; it will not pollute the environment and food chain after entering the production field; it has the basic functions and effects of soil(5 gallon nursery pots supplier); it is better to use organic-inorganic composite matrix; The proportion is small and easy to carry.

Peat-based composite matrix: a composite matrix composed of peat(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), vermiculite and perlite as the basic raw materials, according to different combinations and ratios, non-powdered carbon composite matrix: using local resources, non-powder-carbon-dependent matrix. Water quality requirements for plug seedlings: water quality and water supply are one of the important factors affecting the quality of plug seedlings(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). Water quality PH is required to be 5.5-6.5, EC is below 1.0, and it is supplied as nutrient solution. Supply of nutrient solution.

(cheap seed planting trays wholesale supplier)Its concentration is about 50-350mg/L(wholesale nursery pots), mainly considering the supply of NPK. Four periods of plug seedlings: seed germination; cotyledon and stem elongation (rooting period); true leaf growth period; In the first phase, the demand for water and oxygen is high for germination, the relative humidity of the substrate is maintained at about 95%, and the water supply is best in the form of spray. The relative humidity of the second stage should be reduced to 80%(14 gallon nursery pots supplier), which increases the ventilation of the substrate. Should increase with the growth of seedlings.

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