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Large Greenhouse Pots Wholesale Suppliers Netherlands

Timely fertilization in a timely manner is applied when the flower is in need of fertilizer(3 gallon pots distributor). It is found that the leaves become light or yellow, and when the plants grow thin, it is the optimum period for fertilization. In addition, the flower seedlings and leaves, the branches and leaves to be topdressed to meet the fertilizer demand for rapid growth of seedlings. The demand for fertilizer varies from flower to flower during different growth stages. The type of fertilization and the amount of fertilizer applied are also different. For example(wholesale nursery pots), if the nitrogen fertilizer is applied at the seedling stage, the growth of the seedlings can be promoted, and the phosphate fertilizer can be applied during the flower bud stage, which can promote the flower to be large and bright, and the flowering period is long.

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(large greenhouse pots wholesale suppliers netherlands)Appropriate fertilization of potted flowers and fertilization should be done “less meals”, that is, the number of fertilization is more(5 gallon pots distributor), and the amount of fertilizer applied is less. Generally, the thin fertilizer water is applied every 7-10 days, and once every 15-20 days after the "Liuqiu". As the flowers grow up, the fertilization concentration gradually increases. For example, the urea application concentration is gradually increased from 0.2% in the previous period to 1.0%. The phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is increased from 1.0% to 3.0-4.0%(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). According to the season, the flowers in the spring and summer seasons grow fast, and the growth is prosperous.

After entering the autumn, the temperature gradually decreases(7 gallon pots distributor), the flower growth is weakened, and fertilization should be less. Fertilization should be stopped from late August to early September to prevent a second growth peak, otherwise it will be easy to make the flower tissue cells delicate and cause winter difficulties. Wintering flowers should stop fertilizing when they are dormant in winter. Fertilization should be mastered(black plastic nursery pots). Temperature potted flowers should not be fertilized around noon at high temperatures or rainy days. Fertilization is easy to damage the roots. It is best to fertilize in the evening.

(large greenhouse pots wholesale suppliers netherlands)After autumn, the temperature in autumn is low, the flower growth is slow and generally not fertilized; in summer(14 gallon pots distributor), the temperature is high, the flower growth should be more fertilized, the temperature of high temperature should be lower, the dosage should be less, and the fertilizer should be chased several times with thin fertilizer. If the fertilizers are applied in the fertilization, if there are pests and diseases, the appropriate amount of the agent can be added to the fertilizer solution, which can play the dual role of fertilization and pest control(plug trays wholesale). The amount of fertilizer depends on the size of the flower pot. For example, a flower pot of size 5-6 can be used to place a small amount of fat in 3-4 places.

In order to take into account the fertilizer effect, the hole should be dug farthest from the stem(15 gallon pots distributor), and then the fertilizer should be filled into the soil. Fertilization and watering, the amount can not be too much, otherwise it is easy to hurt the roots. However, moderate fertilization is absolutely beneficial to growth. In terms of fertilizers, organic fertilizers such as bean cake and chicken manure are suitable. The fertilization period can be once every two months(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Since the root activity is suspended during the period from November to March, Avoid fertilization.(large greenhouse pots wholesale suppliers netherlands)

At this time, the climate is just right(gallon planters supplier), whether it is for recovery or injury, it is relatively small, and it is also beneficial for plants to have late growth. In addition, autumn is also possible, and it is also a time to change the basin. In other seasons, it is not impossible to change pots, but the effect is not good. In summer, the climate is too hot and the evaporation is relatively strong. It is easy to make the plants dry and dry(plastic nursery pots). In the winter, because it has entered the flowering period, it is not suitable for the flower buds on the top, which will cause the buds to fall.

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