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From the perspective of agricultural economics(4.5inch square nursery pots), the distribution of wild vegetable crops is not about what is to be planted in high yields or what is to make money, but to follow the natural development and development rules of wild vegetables and the principles of ecological planting, and use a forward-looking perspective on wild vegetables(succulent plastic pots). Planting stopped proper configuration.

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The general structure for wild vegetable planting is the specific relationship between the type of wild vegetable planted in a field or a base(4.5inch deep square pots), the area planted, and the proportional relationship with the remaining crops (wild vegetables or field crops). In the large-scale cultivation of wild vegetables(nursery supplies plastic pots), the above factors are considered in order to use the limited land more efficiently, to fully and stably produce high-quality wild vegetable products, and to obtain high returns.

(large plastic garden pots manufacturers philippines)In areas with short development seasons, the allocation of wild vegetables refers to the process of growing wild vegetables(seedling trays wholesale), such as intercropping, rotation, mixed cropping, and intercropping with other field or vegetable crops. It can be divided into single-crop, multi-crop, multi-crop, multi-crop(plastic nursery pots bulk). Suitable for more people and less land. The layout of wild vegetables refers to the structure and configuration of wild vegetable varieties in an area or production unit. 

For example, the remaining crops are planted around the Houttuynia planting fields(seed propagation trays). The arrangement between wild vegetables and other fields or vegetable crops should be based on the differences in ecological adaptability and morphological characteristics of wild vegetables and other crops, such as temperature, humidity, light, the shape of the aerial part of the plant(288 cell tray). As long as the planting density of wild vegetables is appropriate, you can get better returns.(large plastic garden pots manufacturers philippines)

In order to achieve the continuous utilization of limited resources and the high and stable production of wild vegetable crops(plastic potting pots), a specific wild vegetable planting structure and a standardized planting method in space and time are adopted on the same farmland within a certain time. The planting pattern of wild vegetables is important in crop cultivation, and the depth of the plant root system(greenhouse nursery pots). It is divided according to the number of crops and the number of crops.

(large plastic garden pots manufacturers philippines)Refers to a system of planting only one wild vegetable in a field a year. In the group structure, there is only intra-species competition for wild vegetable crop species(plastic cell trays supplier). The single-crop and one-crop wild vegetable planting model is generally suitable for areas with fewer people and more land and limited development seasons(50 cell plug flats). The planting, management, harvesting, and development of this wild vegetable planting model must be as consistent as possible.

Multi-cropping, refers to the planting system of a compound group structure composed of two or more wild vegetable crops(seed starting trays supplier), which improves the physical and chemical properties of the soil. These wild vegetable crops have the same development and development period, consistent harvest, and only one year once(small square plastic plant pots). An extra-cooked wild vegetable planting pattern is commonly found in intercropping and mixed cropping.(large plastic garden pots manufacturers philippines)

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