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How do you raise the Snapdragon? Everything is a spiritual being. Every species has its necessity, and flowers and plants are no exception(black plastic nursery pots). The existence of snapdragons as a spiritual thing adds another life to nature. Today, the staff of the staff decoration network Xiaobian came to introduce a plant - snapdragon. The Snapdragon alias is also known as the faucet flower, the lion flower, the dragon flower, and the color bird(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). The origin is the Mediterranean coast, and it is also suitable for the sun.

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(cheap greenhouse supplies pots wholesale united states)Sexually cold-resistant. Suitable for growing in loose, fertile, well-drained soils that also grow normally in calcareous soils(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The sowing and flowering of snapdragon usually takes more than three months. In summer, the planting can be shortened slightly, and it can be flowered in about 80 days. In autumn, the planting is relatively long, and it takes about four months to bloom(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). The method of sowing Snapdragon is particularly simple, the seeds are particularly small, and there is no need to cover the soil after sowing.

Be careful not to wash the seeds away when watering(plastic nursery pots). The germination temperature of snapdragon is suitable for about 21°, so flower friends should choose whether they need to cover the film according to their own sowing season. After sowing, they can be placed in the semi-shade. Under normal circumstances, it takes about a week to germinate, remembering the exposure. The Snapdragon has a long flowering period and a lot of colors, so it is the best choice for many flower friends(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). The Snapdragon is usually planted, and it is the most suitable period in the spring and autumn. The flowering period is generally from March to June.

(cheap greenhouse supplies pots wholesale united states)It can be transplanted after the germination of the snapdragon for about 6 weeks(plug trays wholesale). The Snapdragon can be topped, and the topping benefits are many, and many side buds can be exploded. It is not difficult to manage the seedlings of snapdragon. Keep the basin soil slightly damp. Do not accumulate water, give plenty of sunshine, and conditionally pour the thin fertilizer once every half month during the growth of the snapdragon(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). Fertilizer-based, do not always apply nitrogen fertilizer. There are many varieties of hydroponic flowers, but not every kind of flower needs a corresponding nutrient solution.

As long as different nutrient solutions are selected according to different categories, it is also possible to use a general-purpose nutrient solution(seed starter trays). At present, the Soilless Cultivation Technology Research Office of South China Agricultural University has developed five types of nutrient solutions: general type, foliage type, inner plant type, orchid type and flower viewing type. It is not possible to directly switch from soil-cultivated flowers to hydroponic culture. If fed, it is easy to cause fish to be full and die(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). At the same time, after adding feed, it is easy to cause nutrient solution turbidity, and the dissolved oxygen content in the nutrient solution is reduced. Affect the growth of flowers and fish.

(cheap greenhouse supplies pots wholesale united states)When hydroponic flowers are added or replaced with nutrient solution, it depends on the water consumption rate of the plant(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If the weather is dry and the plants are large, it is usually necessary to replenish the nutrient solution after 15-20 days. When adding, add the proper amount of nutrient solution. Just fine. Don't overdo the nutrient solution, just add about 1/3-1/2 of the depth of the container. What is the effective period of concentrated nutrient solution for hydroponic flowers? What should I pay attention to when storing? The concentrated period of hydroponic flowers is almost unlimited, but it is generally not used for more than 5 years(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). Concentrated nutrient solution is kept away from light. Do not place in a place that children can reach.

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